All Around this World – Stepping Out with KidsJam

By Barry Kempton

Today’s guest blog post is about one of our newest education programs, KidsJam, written by Kate Cooper, our Museum and Education Manager at The Schubert Club. 


The Schubert Club KidsJam program is ready for launch, blasting off the week of Nov. 16!  This season’s exciting destinations include Aboriginal Australia, Africa, Latin America, the Hawaiian Islands and a stop back in our own USA to experience the vibrant sounds of the Brass family.

KidsJam, which originated in the spring of 2015, is designed for kids ages 5-14 to playlistenlearn and create with music. Throughout these 75-minute workshops/performances children get involved through creative activities and movement, and learn about the people, cultures and sounds behind the music.

As our communities continue to diversify, it is essential that children learn to understand the important role of their culture and the cultures of the people around them.  The KidsJam diverse line-up of musicians and performing artists will help spread the important social messages necessary to create an overall global culture respectful of the differences in our community.

Not only are we stepping out to explore these exciting regions of the world, we are also stepping out to share these musical adventures and unique learning opportunities with children in the local community.  Many KidsJam programs will be presented free of charge to children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to hear live music or participate in music education programs on a regular basis.  Each of the four 2015-16 KidsJam programs will teach and inspire over 100 children, ages 5-14 at four partnership sites, including the Hallie Q. Brown Community Center, Arlington Hills Community Center, Ramsey County Library/YMCA partnership program at the Maplewood Library, and the Wellstone Center Neighborhood House. 

Children who attend these events will learn the answers to these questions:

“…really, how can a didgeridoo player make a sound for well over 2 minutes without seeming to take a breath?”

“What exactly are sonic sequencing games and how can I play?” 

“ How can I make a trumpet with everyday kitchen or garage items found at home?”

“When the temperature reads -20 degrees, how can I have an after-dinner luau, dance the hula, and create flower leis for my family?”

Learn more about KidsJam here