Who We Are 

Founded in 1882 by a group of women with active musical interests, Schubert Club is a vital musical organization based in St. Paul that is dedicated to cultivating a passion and appreciation for music by showcasing vibrant and exceptional concert performances, interactive music exhibits, and music education, with a strong commitment to community engagement. We believe that the joy and beauty of music can enrich and transform the lives of all people and be a vehicle for strong fellowship, service, and partnership with the communities in which we live. Schubert Club has consistently provided a platform for emerging and established local, national, and international musical artists to showcase their talents. We are poised and ready to build on that tradition in new and expansive ways that reflect the diversity of our communities and our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Our Commitment and Future Work 

Schubert Club has a vision to be a welcoming and diverse organization whose concert performances, Music Museum, and educational programs provide a truly inclusive space for people of all ages and backgrounds to engage with and understand music in its many forms. It is our role as Schubert Club staff and Board members to be intentional about creating the environment we envision. We are committed to taking bold actions in which diversity, equity, and inclusion are embedded throughout our decision-making, programs, policies, and practices to ensure that we are providing relevant, meaningful, and outstanding musical opportunities that reflect, honor, and affirm the diversity of people, identities, experiences, and ideas in all of the communities we serve.

We have taken meaningful and intentional steps in the past to diversify our artistic performances, refocus our Museum, and provide greater access to our educational programs. We have also put research and dedicated resources into increasing the cultural competencies of our staff and Board members. However, we know that we need to take a critical look at our policies, programs, and practices in order to address the systemic ways in which bias, power, and privilege impact our organization and our work. 

Moving forward, we will demonstrate our commitment to centering diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work by developing and supporting a sustainable action and implementation plan that will:

  • Increase the visibility of Schubert Club through intentional relationship-building with diverse audiences and reintroducing Schubert Club to our local communities
  • Build trust within our local communities by reimagining our concert performance experiences and educational programming to ensure more opportunities for participation, access, and pathways to deeper learning
  • Develop greater investment in Schubert Club by engaging with our local communities through meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships with local organizations, schools, and neighborhoods.