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Give the gift of music

Music changes lives. It speaks to everyone. It is perhaps the one truly universal language. Music may well be the oldest language too, though it has evolved throughout history and will continue to evolve in the future, in ways we cannot even anticipate.

The Schubert Club of today is different from the Schubert Club fo 1882 in many ways, but we remain committed to sharing the love of music — the very same vision our founders had 140 years ago. Like music itself, Schubert Club will continue to evolve. In 100 years, what will our organization look like?

Music endures, and so will we. Our goal is to enrich lives through music — today, and forever.

We invite you to join the Legacy Society and advance our commitment to sustaining music that inspires and enhances our lives, now and in the future.

How to Join

  • Leave a gift to Schubert Club in your will.
  • Name Schubert Club as a beneficiary on an insurance policy or retirement account.
  • Talk to our Development staff about other options. Contact Amy Marret at 651.292.3270 or [email protected]