The An die Musik Award is Schubert Club’s highest honor. It’s presented annually to one classical music enthusiast whose outstanding dedication and commitment over many years has significantly furthered the work and mission of Schubert Club. It is announced and presented at Schubert Club’s Annual Meeting. The award is named after Schubert’s setting of Franz von Schober’s poem. 

Kim Severson and Barry Kempton present Nancy Weyerhaeuser with the An die Musik Award
Dorothy Horns presents Dorothea Burns with the An die Musik Award

An die Musik D. 547
Du holde Kunst, in wieviel grauen Stunden,
Wo mich des Lebens wilder Kreis umstrickt,
Hast du mein Herz zu warmer Lieb’ entzunden,
Hast mich in eine bess’re Welt entrückt!
Oft hat ein Seufzer, deiner Harf’ entflossen,
Ein süßer, heiliger Akkord von dir
Den Himmel bess’rer Zeiten mir erschlossen,
Du holde Kunst, ich danke dir dafür! 

To Music D. 547
O blessed art, how often in dark hours,
when the savage ring of life tightens round me,
have you kindled warm love in my heart,
have transported me to a better world!
Often a sigh has escaped from your harp,
a sweet, sacred harmony of yours
has opened up the heavens to better times for me,
O blessed art, I thank you for that! 

An Die Musik Award Winners
2000 Elizabeth Musser
Mary Ann Feldman
Gilman Ordway
Sarah-Maud Weyerhaeuser Sivertsen
George M. Reid
Dr. Arthur Kaemmer
Michael Steinberg, Eric Friesen and Jack Forsythe
Thelma Hunter
2008 Dominick Argento
2009 Sharon Carlson
2010 Dr. James P. Callahan
2011 Julie Himmelstrup
2012 Dee Ann Crossley
2013 Joanna Kirby
2014 Arlene Didier
2015 Lucy Jones
2016 David Evan Thomas
2017 Nancy Weyerhaeuser
2018 Dorothea Burns
2019 Ruth Huss
2020 Estelle Sell
2021 Anna Marie Ettel
2022 Lynne Beck
2023 Richard Evidon