The Writing of “The Way North” by Reinaldo Moya

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Reinaldo Moya is Schubert Clubs Composer in Residence.  The Way North is included in a new recording by Matthew McCright, piano called What is Left Behind.  The recording and Moyas new work is featured in a recent article in the Star Tribune here.

In 2016, I was approached by pianist Matthew McCright to write a substantial piece for solo piano. I knew that I wanted to write a kind of narrative work; a cycle that would cover a story in a series of short interconnected sections. Matthew and I had initially discussed the idea of writing about immigration in this cycle. It is a topic that I keep coming back to as a composer. As an immigrant myself, I am inspired by the stories of those who have had to find a new home away from their country and culture of birth. I also suspect that through my musical works, I am working out some of the conflicting emotions I have about being an immigrant: how after a certain period of time, no place truly feels like home anymore. This feeling of emotional “homelessness” has fueled a lot of my compositional work in the recent years.

When I started composing The Way North in earnest, I wanted to tell the story of Latin American migration to Minnesota, especially through the I-35 Corridor. I did some research, and I kept reading that in some ways, the most difficult part of these migrants’ journeys happens before they arrive in the United States. My gaze shifted southward and I decided to tell the story of an unnamed migrant from Central America, through Mexico, and finally arriving in the United States.

The journey is flanked by two crossings, the first one is into Mexico, on its Southern border. The second is into the United States, near Laredo, Texas. The first crossing is easier, simpler as though unaware of the perils to come. The second crossing is treacherous, as the migrant makes their way across the dangerously strong waters of the Rio Grande.

Shortly after getting to Mexico, our migrant boards La Bestia (The Beast) one of the trains that migrants take to make the journey across Mexico. Many people fall off, are pushed off, or get dismembered trying to climb on or off the train. Our fictional migrant rides this train, falls asleep (which is when we hear the Nocturne) and is then awoken and has to run to avoid getting caught by immigration officials.

Fuga is a kind of play on words, in Latin fuga means to flee, which is what our migrant does in this whole piece. Also, Fugue is of course one of the main musical metaphors for struggle and conflict, so I liked playing with that idea. However, the fugue keeps getting interrupted. My thinking here is that the fugue metaphor breaks, because the reality of this situation is darker and grimmer than what an “academic” fugue can portray, hence why the fugue eventually runs out of steam and kind of evaporates. Metaphors (even musical ones) can’t properly grasp this reality.

Other movements along the way refer to a quiet stop at a sanctuary church. Las Chepas: Ghost Town refers to one of many such towns along the US/Mexico boarder that have become deserted because the migrants no longer choose to cross into the US at those points, usually because the US or the drug cartels have closed off that spot. This movement quotes from the song José Pérez León by a Mexican norteño group Los Tigres del Norte. This song is a ballad about the story of a migrant making his way across Mexico. He dies aboard La Bestia as he runs out of oxygen inside one of the containers on the train. I had a vision of our migrant walking around the deserted town, and hearing this song echoing on an old distant radio. As he gets closer, the song comes into view before it disappears again. An interesting aspect of the José Pérez León song is that it shares a motive from the opening song of  Mahler’s Lieder eines fahrender Gesellen. Mahler’s elegiac song cycle also refers to a wanderer seeking meaning amid a convoluted world. The movement brings together three converging stories of journeymen, and the pathos associated with their difficult travels.

The Elegy for the Nameless refers to a passage from one of the books that I read in my research, “The Beast: Riding the Rails and Dodging Narcos on the Migrant Trail” by Óscar Martínez; which describes the tracks along the Beast train as a “cemetery for the nameless” because of all the people who have perished along the way whose names we will never know. I thought that honoring these nameless victims would be a suitable ending for the cycle. Dreams of Flight, finds the elegy aloft. I wanted the ending to provide a ray of hope. To be able to fly away like a bird and be free and not have to worry about borders.


Listen to the piece on Spotify here:

Download the album on Apple Music here:

Purchase the cd at CD Baby:

Now Hiring: Director of Marketing

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Director of Marketing

Schedule/Hours: 40 hours a week, M-F, frequent evenings and weekends

Positions Supervised: Patron Relations Manager, Graphic Designer, Marketing Intern


Schubert Club, now in its 137th season, is a Twin Cities-based arts organization whose mission is to cultivate a passion for music and to foster an engaged community of music enthusiasts through concerts, music education, museum exhibits and student scholarships. Schubert Club’s concert presentations include the International Artist Series at the Ordway, Music in the Park Series (Sunday afternoon chamber music concerts), Schubert Club Mix, family concerts and various other ticketed and free performances in the Twin Cities.  It also runs a range of education and museum programs, details of which can be found at


The Director of Marketing is responsible for both strategy and implementation of all aspects of marketing.   S/he creates and executes all marketing plans and campaigns, ticketing strategies, sales goals and audience development strategies for concert presentations, the Schubert Club Museum and other public events. The Director of Marketing manages the organization’s relationships with the press and public relations.


In collaboration with the Artistic and Executive Director, plan, implement, and manage overall marketing campaigns, calendars, and strategies for all Schubert Club series, co-presented events, the Museum and all additional programming.

  • Create an annual marketing plan for all Schubert Club presentations, programs and events.
  • Develop and manage all budgets for marketing expenses, generating reports as planned and needed.
  • Ensure Schubert Club branding and marketing standard operating procedures are regulated across the organization.
  • Provide work direction to the Patron Relations Manager, Marketing Intern & Graphic Designer to support marketing strategies.
  • Oversee the research, writing, and distribution of press releases, pitch letters, media alerts and calendar listings, as necessary, to ensure maximum unpaid media exposure; maintain a working relationship with the press.
  • Coordinate and execute media buys for radio, print, online, and other negotiated trades.
  • Prepare copy and execute direct mail efforts.
  • Develop, implement, and manage marketing metrics to develop measurable standards of success that can be easily understood and utilized regularly.
  • Generate regular reports including analysis and effectiveness of strategies implemented.
  • Ensure all graphics and print materials are completed on deadline and within budget.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of the arts marketing industry to ensure that Schubert Club’s marketing is effective and relevant.
  • Actively research and develop new opportunities for audience development to increase awareness of Schubert Club programming to the community at large.

Ensure Schubert Club’s marketing strategies extend to web-based and digital platforms for the widest possible reach of marketing efforts.

  • Oversee master timeline for the department’s e-marketing plans to ensure timely and deliberate messaging to primary constituents. Integrate timelines across organization to ensure cohesive unified e-communications.
  • Create effective email and social media and other digital marketing campaigns to increase ticket sales and prepare and analyze final reports for each campaign.
  • Oversee and delegate tasks to the Patron Relations Manager, Marketing Intern, and Graphic Designer to support marketing strategies.
  • Oversee website strategy. Maintain, update, and create standard operating procedures for Schubert Club’s website. Ensure administrative team members know what areas of the website they are responsible for keeping current.
  • Develop, execute, and maintain social media plans, on multiple engaging platforms.
  • Manage SEO/SEM campaigns and monitor effectiveness of digital media strategies.
  • Research industry trends and metrics to ensure Schubert Club uses the most current, effective digital marketing methods and that the organization’s analytics align with industry standards.

Develop and execute ticketing sales strategies to result in the achievement and growth of sales metrics to support Schubert Club’s mission and goals.

  • Manage content of online sales programs including subscription, single ticket purchase, and policy information.
  • Oversee the organization’s use of AudienceView as its ticketing software.
  • Manage and execute promotional offers and strategies.
  • Oversee standard operating procedures for box office and customer service practices.
  • Oversee the work of the Patron Relations Manager to foster maximum success in marketing and ticketing strategies.
  • Maximize subscription revenues.
  • Develop cross-sell and up-sell techniques to maximize potential revenue with each sales transaction.
  • Coordinate list pulls for Marketing and Sales efforts, identifying leads and target audience.
  • Prepare pacing documents, daily, monthly, event based sales reports, and special reports as requested, while providing sales analysis, sales patterns and buying trends; interpret patterns and initiate appropriate strategies. Work with Ordway’s Ticketing Department for the management of single ticket sales through the Ordway Box Office and oversee all ticketing logistics at concerts at the Ordway.
  • Act as back up to the Patron Relations Manager as needed for ticket sales by phone and on-site box office provision.
  • Oversee organization’s strategy for using AudienceView including venues, series, performances, price charts, bundles, promotions, and memberships.

Lead, inspire, evaluate, coach, and develop the Patron Relations Manager, Graphic Designer and Intern(s) to result in the motivation, recognition, and retention of high performing employees that support Schubert Club’s mission, programs, and goals.

  • Provide necessary work direction and feedback for the Patron Relations Manager, Graphic Designer and Social Media Marketing Intern to fulfill successfully assigned tasks.
  • Provide the necessary components to facilitate a smooth process for posting job descriptions, interviewing, and the initiation process, when need arises.
  • Support and administer timely performance evaluations. Provide coaching and feedback to encourage good performance results.
  • Encourage continual learning. Refine work processes to enrich work and enhance productivity. Provide training and development to assure continual skills acquisition.
  • Communicate and administer Schubert Club’s policies; ensure consistent application and mitigate risk.
  • Develop and maintain a positive internal climate within the department and promote Schubert Club’s mission, programs, and goals.
  • Create opportunities and remove obstacles for employees so that they can produce effective work results that support Schubert Club.
  • Promote and demonstrate collaboration, respect, and inclusion of all employees in events and projects.

Maintain relationships and support the activities of the Board of Directors through the Marketing and Development Committee to ensure that the Board is able to make decisions and support the Schubert Club mission, programs, and goals.

  • Attend, participate and provide reports and materials for Marketing and Development Committee and Board meetings.
  • Execute decisions and plans from the Board of Directors relating to marketing and ticket sales.

Support and foster Schubert Club’s collaborative business practices to ensure that all organizational activities support Schubert Club’s mission successfully.

  • Assist with setting up concerts and events as requested and needed.
  • Assist with onsite concert and event support.
  • Assist with museum activities as needed.
  • Assist with office wide projects as needed.
  • Act as a steward/liaison with public at Schubert Club events, to foster the positive reputation of Schubert Club.


  • A. or B.S. required, Marketing or PR field preferred
  • Minimum 3 years marketing experience
  • 3 year of management experience
  • Minimum 1 year of supervisory experience preferred
  • Experience with ticketing software, ideally AudienceView
  • Database management experience
  • Experience with social media
  • Experience working in WordPress and basic html


  • Moving and lifting 25 pounds
  • Reliable transportation
  • Extended periods of stationary time in front of a computer


To apply, please send cover letter, resume, and three professional references to by Sunday, Oct 28, 2018. 

Nicola Benedetti:  Featured Artist for the 2018-19 Season

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Schubert Club has been a concert presenter for 125 years!  Our first recital in 1893 featured the German pianist Adele Aus der Ohe.  For each of those 125 years, our recital series has included 4 or 5 artists. 

We have 5 International Artist Series recitals again this coming season – no surprises there!  But for the first time in our history, we have a Featured Artist for the year.  Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti, a beloved musician in Europe since 2004 when she won the BBC Young Musician of the Year Competition at the age of 16, will be in residence at Schubert Club in early October and again in January. 

Nicola will perform works by Johannes Brahms (with pianist Alexei Grynyuk) in Schubert Club Mix on October 2nd – and talk about her special love for Brahms’ music.  She also presents a recital program in two January performances at the Ordway, a program which includes the American premiere of a piece written for her by Wynton Marsalis.

A big reason why I’m excited to have her be our inaugural Featured Artist is that she’s not only an amazing musician on the stage, but that she is one of the most committed musicians to the importance of music in the lives of young people.  Indeed her musical prowess together with her fervor for music education and the inclusion of music in the lives of young people have earned her an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) and the Queen’s Medal for Music.

Interspersed with Nicola’s various concert appearances in October and January, Nicola will be teaching violin masterclasses, working with student string players at the Minnesota Youth Symphonies, and bringing young musicians into classrooms to perform for students who have had little – or maybe no – exposure to live music and musicians.

In partnership with Minnesota Public Radio, we’ll be broadcasting live, recording some of her concerts and making video footage of her musical interactions with young people. 

As I look ahead to future years and the kinds of artists and ensembles whom I’d like Schubert Club to invite as Featured Artists, I see a wide variety of possibilities in terms of programming, commissioning new works, community engagement and recording.  The purpose will always be to encourage visiting musicians to show us what makes them interesting and special, both as artists and as human beings.  Nicola’s array of musical pursuits during the coming season here in the Twin Cities will certainly give us an insight into Nicola Benedetti the musician and the person.

2018-2019 Featured Artist: Nicola Benedetti

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The Schubert Club is honored to announce Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti as its first ever “Featured Artist”, giving us an opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with an artist or ensemble over the course of a season. Nicola will come to Saint Paul twice during the 2018-2019 season. She will perform as part of Schubert Club Mix in October 2018 and a pair of recitals in the International Artist Series in January 2019.

In addition to these performances, Nicola will spend time in the Twin Cities meeting and working with children in various community settings, something she has a strong passion for.

She is one of the most sought-after violinists of her generation and performs on the Gariel Stradivarius (1717). Her ability to captivate audiences with her innate musicianship and dynamic presence, coupled with her wide appeal as a high-profile advocate for classical music, has made her one of the most influential classical artists of today. Born in Scotland of Italian heritage, Nicola began violin lessons at the age of five. She has since gone on to collect many awards and titles including “Best Female Artist” at both the 2012 and 2013 Classical BRIT Awards and the Queen’s Medal for Music in 2017, the youngest ever recipient. In addition to her busy orchestra and recital schedule, Benedetti is fiercely committed to music education and has her own education initiative called “The Benedetti Sessions” that give young string players the opportunity to rehearse, undertake and observe masterclasses culminating in a performance alongside Nicola.


Schubert Club Mix: Nicola Benedetti, violin & Alexei Grynyuk, piano

Tuesday, October 2, 7:30pm
Aria, 105 N 1st St, Minneapolis

This Schubert Club Mix performance will explore Brahms’s music and life story through the lens of the violin sonatas.


International Artist Series: Nicola Benedetti, violin & Alexei Grynyuk, piano

Friday, January 18, 7:30 pm
Sunday, January 20, 3:00 pm
Ordway Concert Hall345 Washington St 
St. Paul, MN 55102 United States

For Benedetti’s International Artist Series debut in the Ordway Concert Hall, she will give the U.S. premiere of a new work for solo violin written for her by Wynton Marsalis and will be joined for the rest of the program by her regular duo partner, pianist Alexei Grynyuk.

Now Hiring: Executive Assistant and Artist Coordinator

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Executive Assistant and Artist Coordinator

Full-time, Non-exempt

Supervisor: Barry Kempton

Positions Supervised: None

Schedule/Hours: M-F, 40hrs/wk



The Executive Assistant & Artist Coordinator is responsible for providing complete administrative support to the Artistic and Executive Director by providing information, scheduling meetings, keeping records and managing communications with multiple constituents, especially the Board of Directors, artists and artist agents, the Arts Partnership and external partners of Schubert Club.  S/he is also responsible for specific finance procedures and is the primary receptionist for office visitors.



  1. Oversee the day-to-day operations of the office of the Schubert Club’s Artistic and Executive Director to facilitate efficient and often confidential practices in support of daily activities and events.
    • Coordinate incoming and outgoing communications on behalf of the Artistic and Executive Director.
    • Coordinate travel arrangements for the Artistic and Executive Director.
    • Manage internal and external scheduling for the Artistic and Executive Director.
    • Prepare written correspondence and presentation material.
    • Answer calls for Schubert Club on an ongoing basis. Address or refer calls as appropriate.
    • Manage and maintain filing systems to ensure access to current and archived documentation.
    • Collaborate with Executive Assistants of other Arts Partnership organizations.


  1. Coordinate Board activities and provide administrative support in the planning, scheduling and reporting at events and meetings to facilitate the efficient and confidential functionality of daily activities and events.
  • Communicate regularly with Board members regarding upcoming events and meetings, and serve as the Board’s liaison for Schubert Club related business.
  • Collaborate with Board and Committee Chairs to prepare meeting agendas, minutes, and board reports.
  • Attend Board meetings and record minutes.
  • Maintain all Board archival materials.
  • Facilitate the process for providing information and answering other requests from current and past Board members.
  • Provide work direction to other Schubert Club staff members involved in Board meeting preparations.
  • Oversee all logistics on the day of Board meetings.
  • Coordinate logistics for Board member annual events.


  1. Manage, arrange, and organize resources on behalf of Schubert Club for all contracted guest artists to ensure the highest quality experience for all involved.
  • Act as liaison to all guest artists including the coordination of travel, ground transportation, hotel reservations, performance times, opening parties, public relations/media appearances, and backstage assistance.
  • Ensure details in contracts and technical riders are communicated and coordinated.
  • Manage and execute technical requirements of concerts which may include arranging staging, lighting, sound equipment, operators, piano tuning, page-turners and other related concert production requirements.
  • Manage and communicate complimentary seat requests with box office.
  • Process payroll if the Finance Manager is unavailable.
  • Handle health-related and other personnel/artist emergencies or concerns.
  • Handle artist visa petition applications when needed.
  • Attend concerts and provide hospitality to guest artists as required.


  1. Manage and oversee the day-to-day operations of Schubert Club offices to ensure an efficient and productive work atmosphere.
  • Act as primary receptionist for in-person visitors and share responsibility for answering in-coming phone calls.
  • Advise staff regarding office procedures and best practices, consistent with the Employee handbook.
  • Act as a primary contact for Landmark Center.
  • Collaborate and coordinate absences with front office colleague(s) to ensure front office duties are covered.
  • Manage and maintain filing systems, both electronic and paper.


  1. Support and foster Schubert Club’s collaborative business practices to ensure that all organizational activities support Schubert Club’s mission successfully.
  • Answer incoming box office phone calls to assist with ticket sales and audience customer support as needed.
  • Assist with museum activities as needed.
  • Assist with office-wide projects as needed.
  • Act as a steward and liaison with the public at Schubert Club events, to foster the positive reputation of Schubert Club.



  • A. or B.S. in Business Administration, Arts Administration, or other related field preferred.
  • Minimum 5 years of Executive Assistant experience or similar administration management required.
  • Proficiency with Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  • Experience with concert production and/or stage management of classical music events.
  • Experience taking accurate minutes for meetings.
  • Familiarity with artist contracts and technical riders.
  • Knowledge of music and/or professional performing arts required.
  • Ability to conduct internet research efficiently and accurately.
  • Clean driver’s license and own transportation required.


  • Continuous sitting and computer use.
  • Must be able to lift up to 40lbs. 



  • Please send resume, letter of intent, and 3 professional references to by August 27, 2018. 


Artist Change for Nov 29 & Dec 1 International Artist Series Recitals at the Ordway

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We are sorry to announce that baritone Samuel Hasselhorn has had to cancel his November 29 & December 1, 2018 Schubert Club engagements due to unforeseen professional and personal circumstances. We try to avoid artist changes whenever possible, but we thank you for understanding when these occasions do arise. 

Though disappointed by this news, we are delighted to announce that English baritone Christopher Maltman and pianist Audrey Saint-Gil will perform a program titled “Carnival of the Animals” in his place. 

About Christopher Maltman
A globally-renowned Don Giovanni, Christopher Maltman has sung the role in London, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Salzburg, Amsterdam, Toulouse, San Sebastian, Beijing and Chicago, and adds New York and Edinburgh this year. He is singing the lead in Nico Mulhy’s new opera “Marnie” opposite Isabel Leonard at the Met this coming fall. He won the Lieder prize at the Cardiff Singer of the World early in his career and has continued to delight audiences with his sensitive and engaging song performances, many of which are documented in acclaimed recordings. His Schubert Club song recital, “Carnival of the Animals,” will feature works by Poulenc, Schumann, Ravel, Reger, Chabrier, Wolf, and Flanders and Swann. 

Since you had purchased tickets to the Samuel Hasselhorn performance, your tickets will automatically be switched and there is no further action required. If you do have any questions about your tickets, please contact our ticket office at 651.292.3268. Tickets will be mailed in early September 2018. 

Thank you, Julie Himmelstrup

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After 39 wonderful years of leading the Music in the Park Series, founder Julie Himmelstrup is retiring. We asked former Schubert Club Board Member and long time devotee to the series, Lynne Beck, to share some of Julie’s accolades with us. 

A 55-year resident of the St. Anthony Park neighborhood of St. Paul, Music in the Park Series Founder and Artistic Director Julie Himmelstrup had a vision of creating a chamber music series in the acoustically and architecturally superb St. Anthony Park United Church of Christ. Working with a committee of neighborhood residents, she launched the series in 1979 with a budget of $5,000. The first season, featuring the 25-member Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, flutist Julia Bogorad, Grammy award-winning guitarist Sharon Isbin, and pianist Thelma Hunter, was a success.

To make the gatherings educational and accessible, the Series also includes pre-concert talks about the music and meet-the-artist receptions after the performance. From its beginnings as a small neighborhood treasure, Julie developed Music in the Park Series into a nationally recognized chamber music series.

Julie Himmelstrup is a beloved figure in local music circles and beyond. A much-lauded impresaria, she has a unique intuitive ability to select and present the best chamber musicians. Prominent artists from Scandinavia, France, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Austria, Mexico, England, United States; and the Twin Cities such as pianist Lydia Artymiw; violinists Steven Copes, Erin Keefe, and Jorja Fleezanis; Minnesota Orchestra conductor and clarinetist Osmo Vanska, and jazz pianist Butch Thompson, to name of few, have graced the Music in the Park Series stage.

Several times a year, musicians perform for students in St. Anthony Park Schools and residents of the St. Anthony Park Home for seniors. These free outreach activities give school audiences, who represent the full diversity of St. Paul School students, and seniors, who are unable to attend concerts outside their facility, a rare opportunity to experience a live performance by world-class musicians.

Early on, Julie developed a hands-on approach which included ticket sales, marketing, budget development (the series has never had a deficit), fundraising, program planning, communication with artists and management, as well as forming partnerships with local businesses, churches and other non-profits in the community.

The three-concert Family Concert Series, established almost 30 years ago, first took place at the St. Anthony Park Library and later at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in St. Anthony Park. These family-friendly events feature prominent Twin Cities musicians along with world-class ensembles from the chamber music series. The artists present programs of folk, ethnic and classical music that include storytelling, dance and audience participation for children of all ages and their families. 

“No arts administrator in my 35 year career as a musician has been more supportive of my work than Julie Himmelstrup. I loved to bring ideas for new programs to Julie and she would say, “What do you need?” She encouraged me to dream big and to think big and her support made it possible to develop new shows that had a life well beyond the Music in the Park Family Concert Series.” Ross Sutter (acclaimed local artist who has appeared on the Family Concert Series numerous times.)

Julie believed in presenting emerging as well as prominent established musicians. Young artists like Alisa Weilerstein (sought-after solo artist and 2011 recipient of the MacArthur “genius grant”),” Mark Kosower (Principal Cello of the Cleveland Orchestra and avid soloist), and Christopher O’Riley (acclaimed pianist and host of MPR’s From the Top) performed on Music in the Park Series at very young ages. Mark Kosower was only 9! Other musicians first played on the series before presenting their recitals at Carnegie Hall in New York City.  

Julie has introduced new music to audiences by commissioning works and regularly presenting contemporary classical music. She has a passionate dedication to new music and the promotion of Minnesota composers. Music in the Park Series has commissioned and/or premiered works by local composers Randall Davidson, Carol Barnett, Stephen Paulus, Libby Larsen and David Evan Thomas as well as national composers like Pulitzer Prize-winner Aaron Jay Kernis; Pulitzer prize and MacArthur “genius grant”-winner Julia Wolfe; MPR’s Piano Puzzler and writer Bruce Adolphe; and prolific piano soloist and visual artist Lera Auerbach.  

“No community is truly great without art as its core.” “She loved the music, she loved art, she loved community. It takes a rare person to be able to provide the kind of atmosphere, accommodations, travel planning and love that has brought the absolute top international musical performers to our little neighborhood for almost 40 years. Julie has been able to do it with an indefatigable combination of intellect, charm, hard work and heart,” said Jon Schumacher, Executive Director of the St. Anthony Park Community Foundation. 

After 39 years of leading the series, Julie is stepping down as artistic director at end of the 2017-2018 season. The season finale on April 15, 2018 brought the series full circle with a performance by both the current and the original members of the Lark Quartet who played on the series in their early years. Park Bugle stated that it was truly a “standing ovation for Julie.”  

Julie Himmelstrup, 81, has spent almost four decades advocating for musicians and their audiences in the Twin Cities community. By presenting quality chamber music in a variety of settings, she has had an extraordinary impact on thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds. Julie has dedicated her life to creating and nurturing a distinctive chamber music series that reaches well beyond the boundaries of the St. Anthony Park neighborhood. Fortunately for all who love her and Music in the Park Series, her legacy will continue in the capable hands of Barry Kempton and the Schubert Club, the area’s oldest music organization.

Announcing Schubert Club Mix 2018-2019

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Announcing the Sixth Season of Schubert Club Mix


Schubert Club Mix is an innovative series that takes the formality out of classical music. Audiences are treated to remarkable and intimate performances with relevant artists who are influencing the musical landscape of today. A mix of old and new, presented in stylish venues across the Twin Cities, this series is unique to the Schubert Club and not to be missed. 

For our sixth season, Schubert Club Mix expands to a new venue, Machine Shop in the St. Anthony Main district of Minneapolis!

2018-2019 Season


Nicola Benedetti, violin & Alexei Grynyuk, piano

Tuesday, October 2, 7:30pm
Aria, 105 N 1st St, Minneapolis

Schubert Club Mix kicks off for the season at one of our audience’s favorite locations, the hip and stylish downtown Minneapolis warehouse-converted-event-space Aria. On stage is Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti, Schubert Club’s first annual Featured Artist, together with collaborative pianist Alexei Grynyuk. As a child and teenage prodigy, Nicola racked up award after award, and she hasn’t slowed down. Today she is one of the most sought after violinists for solo and orchestral performances. Her Schubert Club Mix performance will explore Brahms’s music and life story through the lens of the violin sonatas.

Harlem Quartet

Wednesday, November 7, 7:30pm
Summit Beer Hall, 910 Montreal Circle, St. Paul

The Harlem Quartet brings a program featuring its distinct mixture of classical and jazz influenced music. Formed in 2006 by the Sphinx Organization, the quartet now performs around the world including a current three-year residency at London’s Royal College of Music. The quartet has been praised for its “panache” by The New York Times and hailed in the Cincinnati Enquirer for “bringing a new attitude to classical music, one that is fresh, bracing and intelligent.” Schubert Club Mix audiences love to hear “new attitude!” By popular demand, we’ll be returning to Summit Beer Hall for this exciting performance. Come early for free brewery tours, food trucks, and, of course, beer. 

The Westerlies

Thursday, February 21, 7:30pm
Machine Shop, 300 2nd St SE 

Based out of New York (but originally from Seattle), the self-described “accidental brass quartet” featuring two trumpets and two trombones takes its name from the prevailing winds that travel from the West to the East. “Skilled interpreters who are also adept improvisers” (NPR’s Fresh Air), this Mix performance in our newest venue, Minneapolis’s Machine Shop, will explore jazz, roots, and chamber music influences to create the rarest of hybrids: music that is both “folk-like and composerly, lovely and intellectually rigorous” (NPR Music). Expect the precision of a string quartet, the audacity of a rock band, and the charm of a family sing-along.

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

Tuesday, March 26, 7:30pm
James J. Hill Center, 80 W 4th St 
Saint Paul

The Grammy Award-winning Los Angeles Guitar Quartet plays to sold-out houses worldwide. Their inventive, critically acclaimed transcriptions of concert masterworks provide a fresh look at the music of the past, while their interpretations of works from the contemporary and world-music realms continually break new ground. For this program, we return to the beautiful James J. Hill Center (formerly the Hill Reference Library). In an intimate space, surrounded by thousands of books, you’ll experience a program that promises to transport listeners around the world in a single concert experience.


Thursday, May 9, 7:30pm
Machine Shop, 300 2nd St SE, Minneapolis

A relatively new ensemble (formed in 2016), Chalaca explores the confluence of cultures found in South America and the Caribbean with a unique combination of clarinet, harp, and percussion. Following the migration of rhythm from Africa and Europe, to the Andean Mountains, to the Amazon…and finally, right to the heart of America, Chalaca is a celebration of the composers who have immigrated to the United States from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela…alongside the folk masters who inspired them.

Tienda by Reinaldo Moya

Thursday, May 23, 7:30 pm
TPT Street Space, 172 4th St E, 
St. Paul

This unique performance at TPT Street Space in Lowertown, St. Paul will feature a partially staged opera by Schubert Club Composer-in-Residence Reinaldo Moya. Among the singers and instrumentalists featured in this chamber opera is mezzo soprano Clara Osowski. The opera tells the story of Luis Garzón, a Mexican musician who immigrated to Minneapolis in 1886 and opened a small Mexican grocery store, or tienda, in St. Paul in the 1920s. While Luis had married an American woman and was fully integrated into Minneapolitan society, his store served as a community hub for the newest arrivals from Mexico, many of whom had fled the Mexican Revolution and now toiled in the sugar beet farms of rural Minnesota. Tienda explores the immigrant experience: what must be left behind—and what cannot be forgotten—on the journey to a new home. This world premiere performance of Tienda is one of the highlights of Moya’s two-year residency with the Schubert Club. 

More details at



In addition to great savings, package holders pay no fees!

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Announcing Accordo Season 10 at Westminster Hall

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The tenth season of Accordo was announced last night to subscribers and ticket holders at the season closing concert for 2017-2018. Starting with the 2018-2019 season, Accordo’s Monday evening performances will move to the new Westminster Hall at Westminster Presbyterian Church in downtown Minneapolis (1200 Marquette Ave S). Completed in January 2018, this brand new performance space offers a superb acoustic and beautiful gathering spaces with free, on-site underground parking. Four Monday evening concerts will be presented in this space.

Barry Kempton, Schubert Club Artistic and Executive Director, states, “Our decision to relocate Accordo’s Monday evening concert series to the new Westminster Hall in downtown Minneapolis is founded on our desire to provide Accordo’s devoted audience members with the best chamber music concert experience we can. Not only does Westminster Hall promise a beautifully designed, intimate, acoustically superior space but it also offers the convenience of on-site, underground parking and easy accessibility.”

The season, titled “Schubertiade”, will focus on chamber music by Franz Schubert including popular works such as the String Quintet in C Major, the Trout Quintet and the Piano Trio in Eb Major. Guest musicians appearing with Accordo include pianists Shai Wosner and Gilles Vonsattel, double bassist Zachary Cohen, and cellist Peter Wiley (formerly a member of the Guarneri Quartet.) The entire audience is invited to join the musicians for a reception with light refreshments immediately after each Westminster performance.

The fifth and final concert of the season will be presented at Ordway Concert Hall in downtown St. Paul. Back by popular demand for the third year, this concert will feature silent films with original live music by Accordo written by Stephen Prutsman. Prutsman will also join on piano for this special concert. 

Additionally, all four Monday evening concerts will be repeated at Icehouse on the following Tuesday in an abbreviated format, expanding the number of these more casual, but very popular concerts. 


Accordo Season 10: Schubertiade

Monday, October 8, 2018
Cherubini: String Quintet in E Minor
Schubert: String Quintet in C Major
(with Peter Wiley, cello)

Monday, December 3, 2018
Beethoven: Piano Trio, Op. 1 #1 in Eb
Penderecki: String Trio
Schubert: Trout Quintet
(with Gilles Vonsattel, piano and Zachary Cohen, double bass)

Monday, February 4, 2019
Dvorak: Terzetto for 2 Violins & Viola
Harbison: November 19, 1828
Schubert: Piano Trio in Eb Major, Opus 100
(with Shai Wosner, piano)

Monday, March 11, 2019
David Ludwig: Rule of Three for 2 Violins & Viola
Mozart: String Quintet in Bb Major, K. 174
George Benjamin: Viola, Viola
Schubert: String Quartet in A Minor

Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Accordo with Silent Film
(with Stephen Prutsman, piano)

Accordo at Icehouse

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


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A Steinway with a Story

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Schubert Club is thrilled to welcome a new instrument to our modern pianos collection which will live in the Thelma Hunter Recital Room of our Museum in Landmark Center. The instrument has quite a story behind it which I am excited to share with you.

The piano, a 7-foot Steinway B grand piano built in Hamburg around 1980 is a gift to us by Sita Ohanessian, a close friend of the Schubert Club. Sita has lovingly cared for the piano since her beloved sister Beatrice passed away in 2008.

I have had the good fortune to get to know Sita in my six years with Schubert Club and, through Sita, I have learned much about Beatrice, an outstanding piano soloist and composer. Born in Baghdad, Beatrice studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London and the Juilliard School in New York. Because she missed her homeland – and contrary to the advice of many who wanted her to stay in the States to pursue a performing career –she returned to Iraq to “teach my fellow countrymen to love music”.

Thanks to a book about Beatrice Ohanessian written by former Schubert Club staff member Holly Windle in 2008 entitled “Baghdad Barcarolle”, I am happy to retell the fascinating story of the Ohanessian Steinway piano.

Beatrice was primarily a concert pianist and held the position of principal concert pianist for the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra. She also composed a number of musical works and received praise for them. She learned that colleagues had brought her music to the attention of the President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. On receiving recommendations and hearing a recording of her music, Saddam offered to reward Beatrice with a gift from the Iraqi government in honor of her cultural services. She ignored suggestions from her friends of a gold watch or a car, and decided instead to ask for a new piano to replace her ailing Bechstein grand.  

Beatrice was invited to the palace and went apprehensively. She waited to be received by Saddam. She waited a long time. She was eventually told that Saddam was busy in an emergency meeting with his cabinet due to an event in the Iran-Iraq war. He was in the room right next door, but he was not going to be available to see her in person. Instead the offer of a gift from the State was made to her by a palace official. Beatrice told him that she would like a piano, to which the official said they would arrange for her to pick one from the local department store. Emboldened by the fact that this proposal came from an official and not from President Saddam Hussein himself, Beatrice responded that she would like it to be a Steinway and that it would have to be purchased in Germany. To help the official understand, she explained the difference as choosing a Mercedes over a bicycle. To her surprise, the official agreed and she left the palace with a certificate authorizing her to purchase a Yamaha or a Steinway and to have the bill paid by the government of Iraq. On her next concert tour in Europe, Beatrice visited a Steinway showroom and selected a beautiful Steinway B.   

Beatrice was separated from it for a while when she herself moved to the States and the piano remained in Iraq, but eventually it was shipped to the States, and piano and pianist were reunited. How lucky we are that they were! We have been fortunate to count sisters Beatrice and Sita in our Schubert Club family for many years. Taking possession of the Steinway piano, we will treasure it as a dear member of our family of musical instruments.        

Please come visit our free Museum soon to see it!