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A woman with curly hair wearing a colorful dress lifts a glowing cube, ready to stack it on the top of a wall of similar glowing cubes which make up Sound Sculpture.

Sound Sculpture: Free Visiting Hours

Saturday, September 24, 10:00AM

Landmark Center, Cortile

Schubert Club’s historic 140th season kicks off with the multi-sensory installation Sound Sculpture, a musical instrument made up of illuminated building blocks, at Landmark Center in downtown Saint Paul. On Saturday September 24, the dynamic site-specific sound and light environment will be open to the public in the Landmark Center Cortile from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. for visitors to explore, play, and create music.

Sound Sculpture uses 25 location-aware blocks, each cube representing a note in spatial dimension and time. The public’s interaction and placement of the cubes creates musical structures. Imagine walking onto the staff paper, picking up the notes and moving them around, thereby changing pitch, rhythm, melody and harmony. In this way, participants can create physical and sonic structures together with Sound Sculpture.

For tickets to Sunday’s Schubert Club Mix performances featuring Sound Sculpture alongTwin Cities-based collaborating artists cellist Michelle Kinney, choreographer Darrius Strong/STRONG Movement, and spoken-word artist Alexei Moon Casselle, aka Crescent Moon, click HERE.