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First Thursday in June

Thursday, June 7, 4:00PM

Schubert Club Music Museum

Schubert Club is pleased to announce special late hours in the Museum on the First Thursday of each month from 4-8 pm. This will be a great opportunity for the community to experience our engaging collection of historical music and replicas, original autographed letters from notable composers and other music-themed exhibits of historic and cultural interest outside of the regular daytime hours.
Free to the public, visitors can enjoy guided tours, live demonstrations, fun interactive music-making, trivia contests with opportunities to win tickets for Schubert Club performances and complimentary wine (for guests 21+) and refreshments.
Stop by every month for a new experience. If your daytime plans don’t allow you to visit the Schubert Club Museum, this is an awesome way to spend an evening learning, exploring, and socializing with others.

First Thursday Schedule of Activities for June

Join us for wine, appetizers, and music by International Novelty Gamelan, a group of Minnesotans smitten with the sounds of the Javanese gamelan orchestra! This group pushes beyond the classic traditions to play western music of their own devising. Their musical influences include pop and improv, informed by customary gamelan techniques and structures, with the occasional addition of trumpet, violin, and dumbek. There is even an opportunity for the audience to join in!

Enjoy the music, and then take a tour of the museum with one of our knowledgeable tour guides! Experience for the first time, or take closer look at our brand new temporary exhibit “Nordic Strings and Bows”, featuring instruments from Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Have you ever played a nyckelharpa or psalmodikon? Stop by to give these unique instruments a try!