By Kate Cooper

Today’s blog is written by Kate Cooper, Schubert Club’s Director of Education and Museum.

Music is a part of every life, every culture, every ounce of history. It’s universal! We all have some relationship with music, and there should be no racial, economical, or educational barriers to that relationship. The Schubert Club education programs help create and develop musical relationships with those who participate.

There are four primary action words that continuously come to mind as Schubert Club education programs are planned and presented. They are integral to the participant experience, and each time a program is planned, I test the premise and the desired outcomes by examining each of these four words:

PLAY – Children and adults love to sing, make music and move to the beat. One way to explore music is through play. Even the youngest of participants can make discoveries through trial and error—if a drum is hit lightly, it makes a soft sound and if hit hard, it makes a loud one. Schubert Club Family Concerts introduce students to the musical beat and encourage them to dance along. They have the opportunity to make up words and melodies to songs and play along with the presenting musicians. Musical PLAY helps build interest and stimulation which encourages music making for a lifetime!

LISTEN – At every age it is important when experiencing music to listen for specific things in one’s music development. Music making activities will facilitate listening and the awareness of the differences between sounds, i.e. is the music loud or quiet, fast or slow or what instruments can be heard? Schubert Club Listening Circle is one example which deepens members’ musical understanding, broadens their aural horizon, and cultivates a unique community of people who love engaging with music through listening.

LEARN – With every music experience, the intention is that it will also be a learning experience. The Project CHEER program gives students who are not otherwise able to prioritize music lessons the opportunity to learn to play the piano or guitar. Through the vast array of KidsJam artists and ensembles, students learn about the diverse people, cultures, and sounds behind the music. Schubert Club’s scholarship competition encourages students to learn by gaining confidence and stretching themselves towards achieving their goals and aspirations.

CREATE – Creative play is a vital part of child development as it helps them grow emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Creative experiences help them develop these skills and enable them to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Even for adults, creative thinking and interpretation teaches us that there is more than one way to do something, and we have the freedom to develop our own ideas. All Schubert Club education programs focus on creativity and “…the art of taking what’s in front of you and everybody else and making something new out of it (Austin Kleon)”.

PLAY, LISTEN, LEARN, CREATE with Schubert Club Education programs!