Special Announcement: The Schubert Club International Artist Series will include performances in the new Ordway Concert Hall, beginning in the 2015-2016 season

The Schubert Club has been proud to call the Ordway Center home of the International Artist Series since it first opened in 1985. We are excited about the new Ordway Concert Hall specifically designed for classical music and scheduled to open in March 2015 and the opportunities it presents for our International Artist Series. Beginning in 2015-16 season (the season after next), International Artist Series recitals will take place in both venues – in the existing Music Theater and in the new Concert Hall.

  • The addition of the Ordway Concert Hall gives The Schubert Club the opportunity to present recitals in a venue with an acoustic of the highest possible quality, a venue custom-designed for unamplified classical music.
  • It will be an intimate music room – no audience member will be more than 100 feet from the stage.  That means the farthest seat from the stage is as close as the front row of the Music Theater’s first balcony or the 6th row in the mezzanine.
  • Moving some of the recitals to the Concert Hall will mean that we will often present two performances of each artist; so we are going to be able to offer an evening series and a daytime series.  We hear from subscribers every year who feel it necessary to give up their subscriptions because they prefer not to drive at night.  We hope that by offering a daytime option we will be able to welcome many of these subscribers back.
  • Some International Artist Series recitals will continue to be presented in the Ordway’s Music Theater.  Further details about the 2015-16 season, the artists and venues will be announced in spring 2015.


“The Concert Hall will be an instrument itself, one that has been tailored to show off skill and artistry of [classical music].”
– Paul Scarbrough, lead acoustician for the Concert Hall

One Comment

  • Fred Knudsen says:

    The announcement of a daytime series of the International Artists Series is the best news I have heard from the Schubert Club in many years. Now if you could only schedule most of them in the fall and spring; well, that would even be better news.

    Thanks from a concert goer from Owatonna.