Board Members – Unsung Heroes

By Barry Kempton

Here at The Schubert Club, we’re going through one of those intensive board and committee meeting spurts which many non-profit organizations have from time to time. It’s one reason (or should I say excuse?) why I’m a day late with posting this blog. In the past week we’ve had Museum Committee, Finance & Investment Committee and Artistic Committee meetings and we have a full board meeting on Thursday.

It made me think a little about how lucky we (and indeed all well-governed non-profits) are to have our cadre of Board Directors who give time, expertise, not to mention financial contributions to this organization for which they are both fiscally responsible and unpaid volunteers. At each of our recent committee meetings, members of the Board – together with other key community members – have read through documents and reports in advance, given considerable thought to the contents and then brought ideas, comment and energy to the meetings themselves. This diligence ensures we have had lively and in-depth discussions about anything from on-stage video projections to smart investment decisions to updating our accessioning and de-accessioning policy for the Museum collection.

The Board is made up of 33 members of our community and we meet as a full board on Thursday, one of 6 full board meetings during the year. Board members wear name badges at concerts and events. If you see a Board Member at an upcoming performance, please think about stopping to thank them. The Schubert Club wouldn’t be the kind of organization it is today without such special people on its Board.


photo above: Schubert Club Board Members engage in a strategic planning session during Fall of 2012