Myra Hess


Schubert Club Performances:

  • February 26, 1925
  • February 27, 1958

Artist note by Richard Evidon

Already beloved on both sides the Atlantic, during World War II Myra Hess became a heroine to her fellow Londoners for the 2000 lunchtime concerts she presented at the National Gallery (often while bombs were falling outside). She toured North America nearly every year (except during the war) from 1922 until 1961, when her health failed and forced her to retire. Her two Schubert Club recitals date from near the beginning and the end of her long career.

This page from “The Piano Files” is full of superb musical clips and stories about Dame Myra: 

From the Schubert Club Archive:

Program from Hess’ 1925 concert

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At Hess’ 1925 performance, patrons found in their programs Hess’ handwritten endorsement of the Duo-Art Reproducing Piano, a player piano sold at instrument distributor W. J. Dyer & Bro. in St. Paul. For hundreds of years, concert pianists like Hess have partnered with piano makers to showcase their instruments.

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1958 promotional flyer from Hess’ management company

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Program from Hess’ February 1958 concert

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Clipping from the February 8, 1958 issue of the Pioneer Press (St. Paul) announcing Hess’ concert later that month

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Local newspaper clipping announcing Dame Hess’ return to St. Paul in 1958 (and recalling a couple of devastating fires during Schubert Club’s history)

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This review from the Pioneer Press the day after Hess’ 1958 concert frames her commanding performance as a “reassuring” political statement amid the anxiety and uncertainty of the Cold War.

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