FAQ about the new Ordway Concert Hall

Since we introduced concerts in the new Ordway Concert Hall this season, we have been getting some great questions about the space. Here are a few of the most frequent with our recommendations:

Why does it take longer to exit the Hall than usual?
Because the foyer space for the Concert Hall is smaller than that of the Music Theater, we ask patrons not to gather immediately outside the doorways but instead to migrate to the Marzitelli Foyer where there is more room for mingling during intermission.

Why are there microphones? Are these concerts amplified?
No, Schubert Club recitals are not amplified. The microphones you see in both the Concert Hall and the Music Theater are for recording or broadcasting purposes. 

Should I use the Concert Hall entrance or the Main Ordway entrance?
If you need to pick up your tickets from will call, or have questions for the Ticket Office upon arrival, enter through the main central doors under the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts sign (the same entrance you have used for past concerts at the Ordway). If you already have your tickets, you can also enter through the new Concert Hall doors facing Landmark Center on the corner of Washington and Fifth Street. Accessible entry is located through the main central doors under the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts sign. 

Where can I find the Ticket Office and Coat Check?
Ticket Office and Coat Check services are in the same location as before, with the addition of a Coat Check in the main floor lobby of the Concert Hall.

How should I get to my seats? 
Main Floor seats are accessed from the ground level Concert Hall entrances. Seating on the Tier 1 and Tier 2 levels is accessible by the staircase and elevator located in the Concert Hall lobby or by the Ecolab Grand Staircase in the Music Theater. Ushers will be happy to help you find the correct entrance and guide you to your seats. 

Where are the restrooms?
Additional restrooms have been added on the lower level, directly underneath the new Concert Hall, accessible by the Concert Hall elevator or stairs from the Concert Hall 1st floor lobby. Feel free to use any of the restrooms throughout the Ordway regardless of which hall you are visiting. The largest set of restrooms (and often the least frequented) are the ones adjacent to the Ticket Office (down one flight of stairs immediately across from the main entrance.)

Where can I find the nearest bars and concessions?
You are welcome to visit the bars in any of the foyer spaces. An additional bar has been added to the Securian Sky Lobby (Tier 2 lobby) of the Concert Hall.