Theoroi Membership Guidelines 2016-2017

This group of young individuals attends a curated schedule of six local cultural performances. As a member of Theoroi, their commitment is to spread the word about their cultural experiences through interactive social media outlets of their choice, such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc. The group pays a nominal membership fee, and The Schubert Club subsidizes all other expenses.

The program is designed to reach young people through the communication vehicles that they use every day as they “journey to festivals and announce and invite others to the celebrations” – the root of being a member of Theoroi.

THEOROI MISSION: The Schubert Club’s Theoroi aims to cultivate the next generation of Twin Cities arts audiences by engaging a select group of arts ambassadors in a curated season of diverse arts performances and sparking curiosity about the arts through the use of social media.

PARTICIPATION: Participants must be between the ages of 21 and 39. Applicants will be notified upon acceptance into the program by August 31, 2016. If participants wish to attend as a couple, both individuals are required to submit an application and both must fulfill the posting requirement.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS & ATTENDANCE: The Theoroi calendar consists of six performances and will be finalized in the fall of 2016. Members are required to attend all performances. If a conflict arises, members are responsible for finding their own replacement or working with the Theoroi program manager to coordinate a substitute. Failure to attend without advance notice will result in forfeiture of member’s deposit and may result in removal from the program.

MEMBERSHIP PRICE: Over 50% of the cost of participating in Theoroi is subsidized by The Schubert Club and its Theoroi partners. Thanks to this generous support, we are able to offer an introductory membership price for first year participants of only $100. Every returning year the price is $150, which is still a heavily subsidized price. This works out to be $10 or $15 per cultural event per member. In addition to tickets to the performances, we also arrange educational events and social components to accompany each cultural event (some of which include drinks or snacks).
We also ask for a $50 deposit that will be refunded at the conclusion of the season when all attendance and posting requirements of the program have been successfully met.

POSTING & SOCIAL MEDIA REQUIREMENT: Participants will use social media to share about each cultural experience. Members may use whatever social media mechanism they choose (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Blogs, etc.) and there is no minimum length to posts. Members are asked to “tag” Theoroi in their posts or email a link to the program manager. To have a central social media platform, members are required to have a Facebook profile and join and actively participate the Theoroi Facebook group. Using social media to spread the word about the arts is a core component of Theoroi, so failure to complete this requirement may result in forfeiture of the deposit.

ENRICHMENT EVENTS: Enrichment events such as conversations with the artists and backstage tours will be scheduled in conjunction with some of the performances. Members are strongly encouraged to attend these events, as they greatly enhance the learning experience. Members are asked to notify the program manager in advance if they are unable to attend these events.

SOCIAL EVENTS: Casual meet-ups will be arranged several times throughout the season and before or after many of the arts events. Theoroi members are strongly encouraged to attend these events to engage in dialogue about the performances with other Theoroi members and form friendships with the other participants. This interaction is an important and unique part of the program!

PAYMENT: Payment is due at the time of application. All funds will be refunded if not accepted into the program. Please ask about payment plans. Deposits are refunded at the conclusion of the season when all requirements have been met. If a member will not be receiving their deposit back, this will have been communicated to them prior to the end of the season.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Apply online now. Application deadline: August 31, 2016
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