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2016-2017 Theoroi Membership Application

Application Deadline: August 31, 2016 
Applications received after this date will not be considered. 

Theoroi is a project of The Schubert Club that aims to cultivate the next generation of Twin Cities arts audiences by engaging a select group of arts ambassadors in a curated season of diverse arts performances and sparking curiosity about the arts through the use of social media.

Over 50% of the cost of participating of Theoroi is subsidized by The Schubert Club. Because of this, membership in the program is only $100 for new members and $150 for returning members. Also, don’t forget the many priceless advantages you’ll get from being a part of Theoroi:

  • VIP status at Theoroi events with special opportunities such as meeting the artists, backstage tours, and premium seating.
  • Opportunity to raise your social media profile.
  • A great group of about 30 friends.

We also ask for a $50 deposit that will be refunded at the conclusion of the season when all attendance and posting requirements of the program have been successfully met. Payment is due at the time of application. All funds will be refunded if not accepted into the program.

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Before applying, please be sure to review the Membership Guidelines and be sure you understand the requirements of Theoroi. All participants, whether new to the program or returning, are asked to submit an application. For questions, please contact Tessa Retterath Jones at or 651-789-4410.