The 2017-2018 Theoroi Arts Ambassadors

<b>Lizzy Baus</b>

Lizzy Baus

I am a woman of many interests and loves. Chief among them are words, bicycles, and science shows. My career in libraries stems from my love of words and books, and I do at least one crossword puzzle almost every day. I also love octopuses, real pirates, and polka dots. Soon I will introduce my first child to all these loves and more! 
<strong>Laura Benson</strong>

Laura Benson

I’m an East Coast transplant living in Minneapolis. When I’m not experiencing the fantastic art, nature, food, and craft beer the Cities have to offer, I’m working as the Grants and Contracts Manager for the Minnesota Humanities Center; I oversee all grant opportunities and contracts for the organization. Other hobbies include too much television, never enough reading, and petting dogs as often as possible.
<strong>Daniel Bonilla</strong>

Daniel Bonilla

I was born in Costa Rica, and came to the U.S. nine years ago. I attended graduate school at the U of M’s Carlson School of Management and St. Thomas, and my career is in Business and Human Capital Development. In my free time, I enjoy writing, playing instruments, cooking (eating), and socializing. I’m also a member of the Schubert Club Board of Directors.
<b>Shelby Couch</b>

Shelby Couch

I moved to Minneapolis from Michigan in 2013.  I quickly fell in love with this awesome city and enjoy exploring all the nature, culture, and community that it has to offer.  I direct programming at a local non-profit, Students Today Leaders Forever, where we run many types of leadership camps, trips, and trainings for college and high school students. 
<b>Aaron Eisenberg</b>

Aaron Eisenberg

Originally from St. Louis, MO, I came to the Twin Cities for college in 2003, and I’ve been here ever since. I got a B.A. in Political Science in 2007, bounced around in media and legal work for a few years, and I’ve been a garden-variety residential real estate agent since 2012. I live in South Minneapolis with my fiancé, Jordan, and our 2 cats, Pepper and Mallie. When I’m not showing homes or talking to cats, I’m traveling, karaoke-ing (that’s a verb, right?), playing kickball, and feverishly interior decorating.
I love getting out and going to events, exploring, music & arts, sports, traveling. I’ve got a soft spot for terrible movies. I have a cat named Jackson, and he is afraid of everything.
<b>Alec Fischer</b>

Alec Fischer

At age 17, I created a 45 minute documentary that discussed rising student suicide rates & the lack of bullying prevention policy in the Minnesota public school system which was screened in schools internationally. As a 2016 graduate of the University of Minnesota, I am continuing to explore how my voice as a filmmaker post-college can be used to empower & inspire people on both a local, national, & potentially global level. You can find me reading books, playing a little too much Roller Coaster Tycoon, or drinking tea/eating warm chocolate brownies. I love dogs, social change, and connecting with new people.
<strong>Victoria Ford</strong>

Victoria Ford

I’m a born-and-raised Minnesotan, a woman, a feminist, and a nonprofit program manager. I live in Saint Paul with my husband Matt and my small brown mutt Wanona. My work has been focused on civic engagement and civic leadership; I’ve spent my career developing ways for folks to plug into the work of democracy. These days, I manage the Wilder Foundation’s consulting and training practices.
<strong>Kylie Foss</strong>

Kylie Foss

I work for the youth mentoring organization Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities. In my free time I’m an events professional, amateur photographer and foodie, and enjoy spending time with my husband and dogs. 
<strong>Marielle</strong> <b>Marf Foster</b>

Marielle Marf Foster

 I am a software engineer working in a theoretical computer science research team. When my head’s not stuck in abstract mathematics, I spend my time writing fiction, drawing illustrations and salsa dancing. My favorite things are cats, robotics, bike posters (biking in general!), and well cooked Brussel sprouts. I love to incorporate the arts into my life, and appreciate them best when those opportunities are social.  
<strong>Aly Fulton-Kern</strong>

Aly Fulton-Kern

The arts have always been a large part of my life. Growing up I played the saxophone and I loved to dance – performing everything from Irish Step to Hip Hop. I began college studying studio art and graduated with an Art History degree. Today my hobbies include gardening, reading about space/astrophysics, tackling overly-ambitious knitting projects, and – most recently – training for my first marathon. I am the Executive Assistant & Artist Coordinator at the Schubert Club. 
<strong>Katie Heilman</strong>

Katie Heilman

I’m a composer, oboist, mandolinist, craft beer enthusiast, blues dancer and East Coast transplant living in Minneapolis who works for Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies. I graduated from St. Olaf College a few years ago. This is will be my third year in Theoroi, and I’m super excited! I get really excited about things on Twitter and live-tweet my Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.
I teach Latin and French at Shattuck in Faribault, a boarding school. I also live at the school itself, so I drive to the cities nearly every week to get some time away from the kids and coworkers who are also my neighbors. I’m really into classical music, having played piano for the past 24 years. I started taking violin lessons last year (my father, grandmother, and great-grandfather were violinists). 
I’m a Minneapolis native and enthusiastic supporter of our city and local arts scene. I work in sales and enjoy yoga, biking, skiing, farmer’s markets and running the lakes with my cattle dog.
<strong>Katia Ippolito</strong>

Katia Ippolito

I grew up in France and came to Minneapolis seven years ago, first for an internship and then to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, both at the University of Minnesota. I graduated four months ago and started working in heart failure research at Medtronic. I love spending time with my husband and my friends, playing with my dog, going to jazz concerts, watching movies, trying new restaurants, traveling in the US and abroad, or simply road tripping and hiking around Minneapolis.
 I’m a young communication professional living in Minneapolis. Originally from Western North Dakota, I’m a band-geek at heart. Spotify identifies me as an eclectic listener who bounces between folk, R&B, classical and alternative. Tacos and ice cream are also passions of mine.
I’m a recent transplant to Saint Paul from Madison, WI. My significant other and I made the move in early June to advance our careers and, personally, I wanted to become a part of the lively Twin Cities arts scene. I pursued my Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance and Communication Arts at UW-Madison and went on to receive a Master of Music in Voice and Opera from UW-Milwaukee. I enjoy true crime podcasts (guilty pleasure), cross-stitching, craft beer, curating personalized Spotify playlists and planning international vacations years in advance.
I’m a Minnesotan that helps run a small business here in Minneapolis. In my free time I kickbox and do BJJ, read, and hang out with friends. I go to the theater as often as I can, and have season tickets to the Minnesota Opera.
<strong>Stacy Minutolo</strong>

Stacy Minutolo

I am a major of theatre and performance studies turned cardiac sonographer who still has a passion and love for the arts. I moved from Atlanta to the Twin Cities two years ago for my family and to be with my husband. I am the mother of two beautiful little girls. This will be my third year joining Theoroi!
I am brand new to the Twin Cities as a recent graduate from UW-La Crosse where I studied Theatre Performance and Arts Administration. I love spontaneity, writing, and of course,  anything involving the performing arts. I am the Patron Relations Manager at Schubert Club, and am excited to explore, learn and meet new faces through this project!
I have a MM in vocal performance and have recently moved down to the Twin Cities. I am active in the community both in volunteering and social media and love to go to various shows around town.  My life is surrounded by music and I am always seeking out new opportunities to share with my students, which can be educational and eye opening.
<strong>Rea Retterath</strong>

Rea Retterath

I have been a long-time arts enthusiast, enjoying the performing arts as a patron or participant for most of my life. I was a member of Theoroi in its first couple years and enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed the variety that Theoroi exposed me to, and I also enjoyed the boost and encouragement to share about the shows through social media.
I’m the Director of Marketing & Ticketing at the Schubert Club and program manager for Theoroi. I’m also the mom of a very rambunctious toddler. I’m originally from North Dakota and have degrees in business from the Carlson School of Management and the University of St. Thomas.
<strong>Amanda Richardson</strong>

Amanda Richardson

I’m a Twin Cities native with a passion for international travel, dance and cuisine.  Between urban explorations, backpacking trips, and vegan cooking experiments, you can find me biking, hiking, or playing Kubb around Minneapolis. As a lifelong dancer and artist, I’m eager to experience new kinds of musical and performance arts. 
<strong>Alyssa Scott</strong>

Alyssa Scott

I work in Communications for a small company that focuses on marketing and branding for nonprofits and change makers in the Twin Cities. I love that my career supports my community, and also spend a lot of time volunteering. I’m on the board of an organization called LOTT that coordinates and supports a young women’s leadership fellowship each year, I do some communications for a young professionals group of the YWCA Minneapolis, and I coordinate a monthly event for the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (Just to name a few.)
<strong>Supriya Thathachary</strong>

Supriya Thathachary

I moved to Minneapolis three years ago to be a PhD student at the University of Minnesota in Biomedical Engineering. I grew up in India surrounded by music and dance, and I sing and play the Veena, a traditional Indian instrument. I am eager to learn and experience more of the world’s culture through Theoroi, and I enjoy cooking, reading, playing sports, and running outdoors.
<b>Allie Wigley</b>

Allie Wigley

I am a Minnesota native and a long time patron of the Twin Cities arts scene. I was very fortunate to be exposed to theater at a young age and I haven’t stopped attending shows since! I graduated with a B.A. in Drama and English from Kenyon College and work at the non-profit St. David’s Center. I always enjoy finding new shows, bands, and arts venues to visit. Additionally, I currently sing with, and am on the board, of Calliope Women’s Chorus. When I’m not working or at a show, I enjoy traveling, reading, and getting outside with my dog.
I’m a stay at home mom to a preschool age daughter and a son in first grade. I still haven’t figured out what I want to do when at grow up, but I enjoy throwing myself into new opportunities and adventures whenever life allows . I’ve worked as an archeologist, performed as a musician, managed a children’s clothing store, contributed on a Latin text book, and served on local community boards and in fundraising for non profits. Attending arts performances, especially concerts, “fills my bucket” and makes me happy. I might take up a new instrument this year if I can work up the nerve.
<strong>Zara Zanussi</strong>

Zara Zanussi

I love to have adventures, whether that be outdoors or into another cultural works! I love to be active in my community, particularly at cultural events. I am plant-based and love to explore new recipes and practice yoga regularly. I run a nonprofit that uses music to teach life skills called ComMUSICation but am excited to see other arts offerings! I’m from here originally but have traveled and lived in many places including Boston, Chile, and Tanzania. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in International Development and Education at the U of M.