The 2019-2020 Theoroi Arts Ambassadors

I’m a biking librarian by day, running and sewing mom by night. I love to learn about anything and everything, especially space, sea creatures, words, and real pirates. As a former theater kid and aspiring ballerina, as well as the spouse of a musician, I love getting the chance to stay in touch with the arts.
<strong>Erik Ducker</strong>

Erik Ducker

I was born and raised in Saint Paul. I just moved back with my fiancée after 9 years away for school and work around the country. Outside of work, you will find me playing a sport or in the kitchen cooking/baking something delicious, while my puppy begs for a taste. I played cello for 12 years while in Saint Paul, and have been itching to get back into the arts. I used to perform with a Baroque Ensemble for the Schubert Club many moons ago!
I’m a former Schubert Club Marketing Intern, and now I manage social media and online reputation for small businesses. I recently moved to Northeast Minneapolis, I teach youth and collegiate improv theater, and I love going to arts events. I’ve had a great time with Theoroi in the past, and I think social media is a great tool to connect with the local community and see what’s out there. I have found lots of my favorite new experiences through social media, and it’s fun to return the favor and support these local arts establishments with my own posts.
<strong>Geneva Gaukel</strong>

Geneva Gaukel

As this year’s Schubert Club Marketing Intern, I am excited to join Theoroi and contribute to this community. A Des Moines native, I graduated from Macalester College in May and am looking forward to exploring the Twin Cities outside of school. In my spare time I like to scour thrift stores, play the double bass, and watch the Chicago Cubs win!
Since graduating from Davidson College a few years back, I’ve been working for various emerging technology companies across the globe. I’ve moved from London to Washington DC to San Francisco to St. Paul, most recently! I live here with my fiancé, my pug puppy, and a barely passable herb garden. Though I enjoy my occupation, I live for my free time where I explore activities that make me happy. I’m both an avid reader and traveler. When I’m not fully immersed in work emails or a new book, I spend my time playing fantasy role-playing video games, wrestling with my puppy, and desperately trying to salvage my wilting basil plant.
I’m a composer and arts administrator living in St. Paul. I play mandolin for productions of Shakespeare plays in bars and have been blues dancing for almost 10 years, so the arts are a huge part of my life. I also love to play Dungeons & Dragons, and I have a very silly D&D podcast that I write all the music for.
<strong>Kirsten Henry</strong>

Kirsten Henry

I’m a South Dakota transplant who moved to the Twin Cities for undergrad at the UMN and loved it so much that I never left. I live in Saint Paul, work in the public sector, and enjoy being outside, playing violin, baking, thrift store shopping, and a good book. Coming from a family of musicians, I love exploring the Twin Cities’ vibrant art scene. It’s been especially interesting to watch as artists and musicians adapt their creative forms to changing political, cultural, and social tastes.
<strong>Sydney Hobart</strong>

Sydney Hobart

Originally from Charlotte, NC, I moved to the Twin Cities last summer to pursue Master of Public Health and Master of Public Policy degrees at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. I currently have a student worker position at the Minnesota Department of Health in the Office of Statewide Health Improvement Initiatives. In my spare time, I love to cycle, read, and soak up as much time in the sun as possible (my first winter here was a little rough!).
I’m a long-time fan of the Twin Cities arts community and a new mom to twins! In my free time, I like to bike with my husband, do hot yoga, cook elaborate vegetarian meals, walk Lake Harriet, and visit local dog parks with my rescue pup, Debra.
I graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts in 2016, where I majored in Theater Arts and Anthropology while also regularly taking choir and voice performance courses at the UMN School of Music. Since graduating in 2016 I have continued to live in Minneapolis and currently have a job in administration.
<strong>Margaret Kristian</strong>

Margaret Kristian

I’m a San Francisco bay area transplant in love with the Twin Cities, especially in the summer. I’ve been in the cities for a few years now, but haven’t had the time to attune myself to the local art scene- and I miss it! I love theater and live music. I’m particularly partial to jazz, and am an active member of the Lindy Hop scene here. Now that I’ve established myself socially and professionally, I’d like to expand my social circle and really get a sense of everything the city has to offer.
<b>Artem Lidyaev</b>

Artem Lidyaev

I’ve been living in Twin Cities for 4 years and enjoying all the activities that our beautiful city provides. I’m an avid squash player, a big mountain skier, and a soccer enthusiast. A lifelong fan of art events, have an annual membership to Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and can’t imagine myself without traveling whether it is just a weekend trip to explore a new city or a week-long backpacking journey to a wilderness.
<b>Erik Madsen-Bond</b>

Erik Madsen-Bond

I am currently the Director of Audience and Community Engagement at Ragamala Dance Company. In this role, I am responsible for producing Ragamala’s community projects, aimed at both deepening the depth of experience with our current audiences and widening the breadth of opportunity for new audiences to access Ragamala’s work. Through my work, I enjoy making connections throughout the Twin Cities arts community, and I look forward to making new connections through the Theoroi program. Outside of my professional work, I am active in the A-Mill Artist Lofts community where I live and always seeking to engage more with the arts community in the Twin Cities.
I’m a 31 year old businessman that loves the arts. As much as I do love going to museums and theaters I lack artistic ability. That’s ok, I feel like it helps enhance my appreciation for the work others do.
<strong>Stephen Manuszak</strong>

Stephen Manuszak

I worked in the nonprofit arts for 15 years, first at a jazz and world music venue in Chicago, later at Jazz at Lincoln Center in NYC, and most recently on international projects at the regional organization Arts Midwest. Earlier this year, I shifted into a role at the George Family Foundation, which has been a wonderful way to explore the wider nonprofit field. I’m looking forward to staying connected to the vibrant Twin Cities arts scene with Theoroi.
<strong>Elijah Saiger</strong>

Elijah Saiger

My undergraduate degree is in political science, and my passion for politics has always been based in the understanding of how important communities are to our society. After graduating, I moved to Minnesota to work as a patron services representative and gala intern for Minnesota Opera, which gave me an opportunity to learn about the day-to-day operations of a performing arts company and to meet some wonderful, passionate individuals. My work with Minnesota Opera led to my current position at the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundations, where I’ve had the privilege of working to support local nonprofits, arts organizations, and communities across Minnesota.
<strong>Sierra Schadegg</strong>

Sierra Schadegg

I graduated over a year ago from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Environmental Engineering and began working at Antea Group, an environmental consulting agency. I began my college career as a double major in music performance, but had to drop it due to the time commitment. Post graduation, I joined a volleyball league, started volunteering at the Animal Humane Society, started performing with my church and taking private flute lessons again, and got serious about yoga. I love the outdoors, reading, and like all Minnesotans, spending time at the cabin.
<strong>Alyssa Scott</strong>

Alyssa Scott

I am currently a Master of Public Policy student at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs with a focus in global and health policy. I have a background in digital marketing and nonprofit fundraising that has led to a passion for meaningful communications, sharing non-dominant narratives, and ethical storytelling. A self-proclaimed leadership and personal development fanatic, I am always seeking to learn, grow, and collaborate. My current educational and professional goals include learning and engaging in community-focused research and evaluation techniques, seeking reproductive health equity, and combating White Savior narratives. In my free time I like to read (focusing on reading POCI authors), do yoga, spend time outdoors, and see different theater and music shows around the Twin Cities.
<strong>Anna Torgerson</strong>

Anna Torgerson

I am a music, horticulture, and feline enthusiast who is excited to be a part of Theoroi! I work as Schubert Club’s Executive Assistant and Artist Coordinator, and also occasionally at Wayne’s Greenhouses & Garden Center, and as a personal gardener for fun on the side. I received my Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2015. I feel eternally grateful and lucky to be able to combine my passions with my work! What more could a person want? 🙂