The 2016-2017 Theoroi Arts Ambassadors

<strong>Adam Baus</strong>

Adam Baus

After taking a year off from being a self-employed musician, I am returning to my life as a pianist, music director, conductor, and teacher. My wife and I moved to the Twin Cities a year ago from Milwaukee. I enjoy long distance running, tandem biking, listening to podcasts while cooking, and making soap.
<strong>Laura Benson</strong>

Laura Benson

I’m an East Coast transplant living in Minneapolis. When I’m not experiencing the amazing art, nature, food, and beer the Twin Cities have to offer, I’m working as the Grants and Contracts Manager for the Minnesota Humanities Center. I enjoy making (mostly unsolicited) Netflix recommendations, reading, swimming, and petting dogs as often as possible.
<strong>Morgan Bird</strong>

Morgan Bird

I’m a software engineer at Thomson Reuters, and grew up very involved in the arts at school and surrounded by classical music and opera at home. Outside of work, I play ultimate frisbee, cook a lot, occasionally throw parties, and take my cat on adventures. I’m excited to get back into the arts scene through Theoroi.
<strong>Tirzah Blair</strong>

Tirzah Blair

I work in Ticketing and Development for the Schubert Club, but in my nonworking hours you can find me obsessing over sewing, quilting, gardening, books, and finding ways to exercise (hiking, sand volleyball, yoga, and walking/running with dogs). I’m interested in connecting with people who get as excited about the arts as I do, and can’t wait to explore the performances this season and build a community together.
<strong>Daniel Bonilla</strong>

Daniel Bonilla

I was born in Costa Rica, and came to the U.S. nine years ago. I attended graduate school at the U of M’s Carlson School of Management and St. Thomas, and my career is in Business and Human Capital Development. In my free time, I enjoy writing, playing instruments, cooking (eating), and socializing. I’m also a new member of the Schubert Club Board of Directors.
<strong>John Brekke</strong>

John Brekke

I’m a graduate of UW-Madison with a BS in chemistry, currently working as a quality engineer in the medical device industry. On my off time I enjoy backpacking, travel, music festivals, biking, nordic and downhill skiing, casually elevating small talk to medium talk, Netflix, and the amazing live music and brewery scene in the Twin Cities. I have a soft spot for classical music from the 15 years I spent playing string bass in various orchestras.
<strong>Shelby Couch</strong>

Shelby Couch

I am a graduate of Michigan State University with a B.A. in International Relations, and moved to the Twin Cities to work for the nonprofit Students Today Leaders Forever. I am excited for my second season with Theoroi – my favorite part is discovering new artists and venues that I wouldn’t have otherwise experienced. 
<strong>Casey Daubert</strong>

Casey Daubert

I’m a huge believer in creating community, thrive on exploring new gems across the Twin Cities, fill my life with creating sacred space, and embrace the beautiful Minnesota seasons outside! In my wellness specialist profession, I’m working on continuing to coach and teach others to shed what doesn’t serve them and unleash their fullest creative potential. I’m thrilled to be part of Theoroi!
<strong>Andrew Eckhardt</strong>

Andrew Eckhardt

If I were to describe myself it one word, it would be “inquisitive”. While I work as a marketing associate at Eckhardt Optics, I studied theater in college and strongly believe in the importance of exploration, community engagement, and discourse in the arts. I look forward to using Theoroi to connect with others about our culture. 
<strong>Danielle Fields</strong>

Danielle Fields

Bio forthcoming. 
<strong>Kylie Foss</strong>

Kylie Foss

I work for the youth mentoring organization Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities. In my free time I’m an events professional, amateur photographer and foodie, and enjoy spending time with my husband and dogs. 
I work as the Executive Assistant and Artist Coordinator at the Schubert Club, and have a degree in Art History and Anthropology.  Growing up, dance and music were a large part of my life.
I moved to Minnesota six years ago to attend the University of Minnesota, majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I liked Minnesota so much that I decided to stay here after graduation, and am now working in the biotechnology industry. I love attending museums and performing arts events, so I am very excited for my first year with Theoroi!
<strong>Katie Heilman</strong>

Katie Heilman

I’m a composer, oboist, mandolinist, craft beer enthusiast and East Coast transplant living in Minneapolis and working for J.W. Pepper in sales and marketing. I graduated from St. Olaf College a few years ago. This is my second year in Theoroi, and I get really excited about things via Twitter.
I’m a Minneapolis native and enthusiastic supporter of our city and local arts scene. I work in sales and enjoy yoga, biking, skiing, farmer’s markets and running the lakes with my cattle dog.
I work in inventory management and planning for Best Buy. A transplant from Michigan, I moved to Minneapolis three years ago. Outside of work I enjoy hiking, biking, exploring all the parks and trails Minnesota has to offer, and going to almost any kind of live music. I am looking forward to experiencing new kinds of music, art, and venues with Theoroi this year.
I have been in Minnesota for almost 10 years after moving here from New York. I work in medicine near Saint Paul, MN. Outside of work, I enjoy music, movies, dance and art.
I spend my days as a consultant helping non-profits and businesses find clean energy solutions. The rest of the time, I tend to bike or run around, read and write, geocache, build things, and vie for dominance in an ongoing turf war with my girlfriend’s cat.
I’m the Director of Marketing & Ticketing at the Schubert Club and program manager for Theoroi. I’m also the mom of a very rambunctious toddler. I’m originally from North Dakota and have degrees in business from the Carlson School of Management and the University of St. Thomas.
I am a financial representative with Principal Financial Group, and previously worked as a fundraiser within the arts community. I graduated with a B.A. in Theater from Trinity University, and I love to cook, attend live performances, and do just about anything outside.
<strong>Crystal Kuehn</strong>

Crystal Kuehn

I work as a Global Trainer doing scientific document review and providing international support to my company’s training centers.  In my free time I am training to run my second marathon and also enjoy biking, exploring new restaurants and seeing different bands in the cities.
<strong>Kristina MacKenzie</strong>

Kristina MacKenzie

I am the Marketing Manager at Ordway Center for the Performing Arts and recently became a certified yoga instructor. I studied piano from a young age, took up voice in high school and went on to major in vocal performance at St Olaf College. This is my third year in Theoroi. 
<strong>Mitchell Mattes</strong>

Mitchell Mattes

I work in research and development in the food industry and have degrees in Food Science. I’m originally from New Jersey, but have lived in Minneapolis for almost three years. I enjoy the Twin Cities music, nature, sports, food, and beer scene, but am also an avid traveler outside of the state and country. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and experiencing more art and culture during my first year in Theoroi.
<strong>Stacy Minutolo</strong>

Stacy Minutolo

Originally from Atlanta, I double majored in theatre and English at Kennesaw State University. I worked with several theatre companies before changing careers to become a cardiac sonographer. I moved to Minnesota with my husband and daughter and want to get involved in the arts and find people with similar interests.
I am a dietitian at  Hennepin County Medical Center. I grew up participating in the arts and continue to enjoy broadening my horizons when it comes to the arts.  This is my fourth year in Theoroi.
<strong>Jennifer Nicklay</strong>

Jennifer Nicklay

I am best described as someone with perpetual curiosity – not the kind that killed the cat, though! The world is full of fascinating people and things, and engaging with the arts and sciences is my favorite way to explore it. I work in program development for an ever-changing array of organizations, and you’ll find me biking, photographing, gardening, and eating my way across the Twin Cities.
<strong>Rea Retterath</strong>

Rea Retterath

I have been a long-time arts enthusiast, enjoying the performing arts as a patron or participant for most of my life. I am currently the box office supervisor at Mystic Lake Casino, and have managed ticket sales for a variety of organizations across the Twin Cities. I studied French and music in college, and am now learning Spanish!
<strong>Amanda Richardson</strong>

Amanda Richardson

I’m an artist, dancer, amateur vegan chef, and dinosaur enthusiast.  Having lived my entire life in MN, I have a passion for international music and traveling the world. When I’m not working in HR Information Systems and Learning & Development, you can find me biking, kubbing, and camping around the Twin Cities.
<strong>Jessica Schmitt</strong>

Jessica Schmitt

I currently live in Minneapolis, enjoy traveling, and am working a variety of jobs with an eye towards medical school. I enjoy lakeside walks with my German Shepherd, reading, and seeing just about any type of live music.
<strong>Alyssa Scott</strong>

Alyssa Scott

I am a development associate at the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys. I am a very passionate and easily inspired person, and two of my favorite hobbies are writing and being musical.
<strong>Quinn Shadko</strong>

Quinn Shadko

I am a singer, actor, and Minneapolis native. I moved back to the Twin Cities after receiving my master’s in Musical Theatre from NYU and performing in New York. I am the Marketing Intern at The Schubert club, and I love participating in the arts scene, exploring the Twin Cities, and staying active.
<strong>Supriya Thathachary</strong>

Supriya Thathachary

I moved to Minneapolis two years ago to be a PhD student at the University of Minnesota in Biomedical Engineering. I grew up in India surrounded by music and dance, and I sing and play the Veena, a traditional Indian instrument. I am eager to learn and experience more of the world’s culture through Theoroi, and I enjoy cooking, reading, playing sports, and running outdoors.
I am a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Previously, I completed my degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry at the University of Florida. My hobbies include all things food and drink, bicycling, and attending performing arts events. This is my third year in Theoroi.
I’m a music lover and a fan of history, art, science, and culture. I studied music performance (flute) and classics at the U of MN, and currently enjoy being at home with my two young children and volunteering.