The 2018-2019 Theoroi Arts Ambassadors

I am a mom of 2 great kids and wife of my husband, Micah who works at RBC but also plays bass and sings in three bands. We live in Sartell, where I teach piano lessons to a little over 30 students. I went to Concordia College for Piano Performance and graduated in 2006. Since then, I have taught at the Wirth Center for the Performing Arts (formerly known as the Central MN Music School) for 7 years and now out of my home for 5 years.
<strong>Lizzy Baus</strong>

Lizzy Baus

I am a woman of many interests and loves. Chief among them are words, bicycles, and science shows. My career in libraries stems from my love of words and books, and I do at least one crossword puzzle almost every day (and I have my Minnesota Crossword Tournament-winning board hanging in my home). I ride one of my bikes to work almost every day, including through rain, heat, snow, and bitter cold, and for fun I like to participate in 24-hour bike races.
I am a 4th year student at the UofM studying English Literature and Creative Writing. As a writer and musician, I am a long time lover of the arts and culture. I am an immigrant from Guyana, and I have been living in the Twin Cities since 2012, taking advantage of the rich and warm arts communities of Minnesota. From the museums, to the parks, to the Loft, to the U, I am a lover of all that Minnesota has to offer a lover of the arts.
<strong>Laura Carver</strong>

Laura Carver

I moved here from South Dakota about 8 years ago to go to McNally Smith College of Music. Since graduating, I began working at a music promotion company called Tinderbox Music and continued pursuing my original music. I’ve lived in downtown St.Paul with my boyfriend (Geoff) and cat (Monkey) for about five years. I’m also the new marketing intern at Schubert Club and am very excited to work with the Theoroi Ambassadors this year!
<strong>David Crabb</strong>

David Crabb

I live and work in the Downtown East neighborhood of Minneapolis, and even though I grew up in Atlanta, I now gladly call Minneapolis home. I love spending time traveling, reading, and trying new restaurants. I’m a single dad to two beautiful daughters (ages 7 and 6). I love my job, meaningful relationships, and meeting new people!
I love getting out and going to events, exploring, music & arts, sports, traveling. I’ve got a soft spot for terrible movies. I have a cat named Jackson, and he is afraid of everything.
<b>Nohemi Feltl</b>

Nohemi Feltl

I love making friends, sharing experiences and love. I do yoga and meditation, love to connect with new people in the twin cities, and attend music events and other gatherings supporting women and the Twin Cities community as much as possible. I have my own company for Startups through which I also try to support local businesses as much as possible. I have lived in this wonderful place for 11 years and no other city so far has my love more than the Twin Cities does 🙂
<b>Kylie Foss</b>

Kylie Foss

I live in Minneapolis with my husband, daughter, and three dogs in a little chaotic house. I am an avid supporter and lover of the arts from museums, to choral music, to theater and sit on the Board of Directors for Lyric Arts Theater in Anoka. Theoroi has been such an amazing part of my life since I joined four years ago. I find the arts to be super important and love the opportunity to spread the word to my networks.
I am lifelong fan of performing arts events with an interest in building community and having cool experiences! I am used to promoting arts events online through my own background in the performing arts and in professional settings, and I’m interested in supporting other local arts organizations and experiences through my social media channels in the future.
I’m a composer, oboist, mandolinist, craft beer enthusiast, and blues dancer. I’m an East Coast transplant, but I’ve lived in Minneapolis long enough now that you can’t tell. I work on the administrative team at Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies and am a St. Olaf alum. I live-tweet my Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. This will be my fourth year in Theoroi! 
I’m a third year graduate student at the University of Minnesota working on a PhD in Dress, History, and Culture with a minor in Museum Studies.  Since I moved to the Twin Cities in 2016 I’ve loved exploring all of the culture that this area has to offer.  I grew up in Michigan singing in my school choirs and work on plays.   In my spare time like to play with my cat, bake, and read.
I live in Minneapolis with my husband and our lab-mix puppy, Debra. In my free time, I bike, do yoga, walk the lakes and try to get outside as much as possible. I’m enthusiastic about exploring and strengthening the Twin Cities’ arts community!  
At the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts, I majored in Theater Arts and Anthropology while also regularly taking choir and voice performance courses at the UMN School of Music. Since graduating in 2016 I have continued to live in Minneapolis working in administration, and in my spare time I regularly attend shows in venues from the Guthrie and Park Square, to Mixed Blood and Penumbra Theater.
<strong>Olivia Huston</strong>

Olivia Huston

I am a current MBA student with the University of Minnesota and work in Rochester at the Mayo Clinic. I enjoy the outdoors, my animals, and the arts. My mother was a dancer and I grew up enjoying theater and museums. I understand how important support for the arts is and would be honored to do my part to support the arts through social media.[
<b>Michaela Johnson</b>

Michaela Johnson

I am a freelance theater director born in Minneapolis and raised in the deep South. I went to college to major in classics but began directing my sophomore year and never looked back. After graduating in May 2017 I moved back to Minneapolis to pursue a career as a director and have freelanced around town at Ten Thousand Things, History Theater, Park Square Theater, Jungle Theater, Dark & Stormy Productions, and others. In March 2018 I became the artistic associate at Dark & Stormy Productions. When I’m not making theater, you can find me sitting on my porch with a cup of black coffee, my cat named Dave, and a good book (recommendations welcome).
<strong>Chelsey </strong><b>Jonason</b>

Chelsey Jonason

I grew up in Minnesota and my family has long supported the Arts. I just moved back to Minneapolis after a few years away and I hope to take advantage of this transition to reorient myself in the Minneapolis arts community and to meet new people with a common interest.  I’ll be starting at a law firm in September and hope that Theoroi will bring balance into my life.
I’m relatively new to the Twin Cities via Portland, OR, where I attended grad school for social justice education. I now work at Big Brothers Big Sisters, running the school-based programs, and really enjoy my job. During my free time I love to go on long walks with my dog, read, cook, practice yoga and mediation, and work on personal projects.  I’m also a lifelong artist with a special love of fiber work and working with my hands – quilting, embroidery, weaving – but am a fan and supporter of many types of creative expression.  
 I’m a young communication professional living in Minneapolis. Originally from Western North Dakota, I’m a band-geek at heart. Spotify identifies me as an eclectic listener who bounces between folk, R&B, classical and alternative. Tacos and ice cream are also passions of mine.
Recently graduated from University of Minnesota with Doctoral of Musical Arts Degree in Piano Performance, I am a concert pianist who enjoys traveling around the world doing interactive performances while learning and experiencing different cultures as I meet and greet my audience. As an alumna at The Juilliard School, I had the privilege of actively attending music, dance, drama, and Broadway performances and concerts at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall as well as participating in dress rehearsals prepared by Juilliard’s dance and theatre students.
I’m a Minnesotan that helps run a small business here in Minneapolis. In my free time I kickbox and do BJJ, read, and hang out with friends. I go to the theater as often as I can, and have season tickets to the Minnesota Opera.
Interest: I love Theoroi’s mission as one of the biggest setbacks to going to the theater and to orchestra concerts is finding people to go with. I know that I would have loved operas had I been exposed to them earlier and so I love that programs like Theoroi are actively encouraging young people to come check out shows. By emboldening its members to be ambassadors of the arts, it gives them a platform to encourage their friends to come check out the shows. Since I started going to operas, I have had countless people ask about going and have had the opportunity to take some people. One of my friends is now planning on getting season tickets for the upcoming season.
While I most recently graduated from the UMN Carlson School and found a job at a marketing agency, the arts have always been a passion in my life, exemplified through 18+ years of violin performance that took me all the way through music studies at St. Olaf for my undergrad. In addition to music, I enjoy learning about other cultures and even now as an adult, am continuing my Spanish studies over Skype with an instructor in Malaga, Spain. I was adopted from Honduras as a toddler and grew up locally in Minneapolis.
I am a theatre enthusiast and a certified yoga instructor.  I’ve lived in St. Paul for almost two years and am looking for ways to connect with others who share my passion for art and theatre. In addition to acting and yoga, I spend a lot of my free time outdoors – hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, swimming, beach volleyball…I’m up for anything that involves fresh air and movement. I had hip surgery at the end of August and it is my dearest hope that I will be able to run again next year after being ‘out of the game’ for two years due to an injury.
I’m the kind of person who loves experiencing and learning about new things and sharing all about it with others! I work for an HR Consulting company and lead their Data Governance and Architecture in my St Paul home office. I grew up in northern Minnesota and am proud of our culture – surprised how little people know about our rich arts culture and history! I like being involved in the community and helping others. I am an avid reader, craft beer drinker and yoga practicer. 
I attended the University of Minnesota, where I received a Bachelor of Science in Economics.  In 2014, I returned to school to pursue a degree in Law Enforcement with the hope of making a career shift from restaurant manager to police officer. My path to becoming a police officer has been a nontraditional one, and my hope for my law enforcement career is to enter a leadership position that allows me to change how our police system works and promote more ethical policing.
I’m a Twin Cities native with a passion for international travel, dance and cuisine.  Between urban explorations, backpacking trips, and vegan cooking experiments, you can find me biking, sailing, or checking out the Minneapolis music scene. As a lifelong dancer and artist, I’m eager to experience new kinds of musical and performance arts.
I’m a proud South Minneapolis native now living across the river in Northeast after seven years out East. My husband Tony and I live in the St. Anthony East neighborhood. We travel as much as we possibly can, cook all of the time (mostly Indian food these days), and do our best to take advantage of the abundance of cultural events the Twin Cities has to offer. We’re frequent attendees of the SPCO and try to see most of what the Guthrie puts on each season. As I approach my thirties, making the shift from audience member to ambassador feels important to me.
I am currently a 7th and 8th grade teacher at Achieve Language Academy in St. Paul. I’ve taught in Minneapolis and the surrounding area for about 6 years, and taught for 2 years in the Dominican Republic. I’ve traveled extensively and enjoy learning about cultures everywhere I go, including my own diverse cultural background. I also began studying piano with Fanya Lin at the University of Minnesota last year.  
<b>Allie Wigley</b>

Allie Wigley

I am a Minnesota native and a long time patron of the Twin Cities arts scene. I was very fortunate to be exposed to theater at a young age and I haven’t stopped attending shows since! I graduated with a B.A. in Drama and English from Kenyon College and work at the non-profit St. David’s Center. I always enjoy finding new shows, bands, and arts venues to visit. Additionally, I currently sing with, and am on the board, of Calliope Women’s Chorus. When I’m not working or at a show, I enjoy traveling, reading, and getting outside with my dog.