The 2015-2016 Theoroi Arts Ambassadors

<strong>Tirzah Blair</strong>

Tirzah Blair

I’m a self-proclaimed creative connoisseur: quilter, knitter, flutist, and kitchen maven. I get my arts fix through Theoroi. I love to teach, explore nature, and practice yoga. I work with The Schubert Club as a Ticketing and Development Associate.
<strong>Daniel Bonilla</strong>

Daniel Bonilla

I was born in Costa Rica, and came to the U.S. eight years ago. My background is in Business and Human Capital development. I currently work for the City of Minneapolis in the business development division.
<strong>Eric Broker</strong>

Eric Broker

I just graduated from St. Olaf College with a degree in vocal performance and moved to the uptown area. I was recently hired as a Communications Associate by the Minnesota Opera.
<strong>Shelby Couch</strong>

Shelby Couch

I am a 2013 graduate of Michigan State University with a B.A. in International Relations. I moved to the Twin Cities to work for Students Today Leaders Forever, a national leadership non-profit that I volunteered for in college. 
<strong>Chuck Demler</strong>

Chuck Demler

I am currently a Master of Public Policy student at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs. I’ve been a resident of the Twin Cities for just over three years and came to the Twin Cities to work in fundraising at Macalester College.
I work as the Executive Assistant and Artist Coordinator at the Schubert Club, and have a degree in Art History and Anthropology.  Growing up, dance and music were a large part of my life. 
<strong>Katie Heilman</strong>

Katie Heilman

I am a composer, oboist, beginning mandolinist, and dancer who loves social media. I graduated from St. Olaf a few years ago and now work as the Concert Administrator for Madeline Island Music Camp. I’m an East Coast transplant living in St. Paul.
I’m an assistant manager at Allen Edmonds. In my free time, I enjoy yoga, biking, dancing, playing kickball, local farmers markets, faraway travel destinations and talking up how awesome Minneapolis is. This is my third year in Theoroi.
<strong>Olivia Huston</strong>

Olivia Huston

I have been an arts appreciator all my life. I am a philosophy major and am currently working towards medical school. I love the outdoors and am an avid equestrian. Some of my favorite things are attending and subsequently discussing cultural or educational events.
I am originally from New York and have been in Minnesota for seven years. I am a Physician at the University of Minnesota. I have many interests including music, dance, art and movies. This is my second year in Theoroi.
I am the Energy Program Director for the Izaak Walton League of America, a nationwide conservation non-profit. I grew up with music (percussion) and arts (tech, improv) and continue to explore the diverse Twin Cities scene. Biking, volunteering, and various side projects keep me busy. This is my third year in Theoroi.
<strong>Sarah Johnson</strong>

Sarah Johnson

I am a Physician’s Assistant at Minnesota Oncology and a St. Olaf graduate. I grew up immersed in the arts, playing the cello and participating in show choir and theatre. I am grateful to live in a city where the art scene is so vibrant and fresh.
I’m the Director of Marketing & Ticketing at The Schubert Club and program manager for Theoroi. In my free time, I hang out with my husband and baby boy (born March 2015).
<strong>Anika Kildegaard</strong>

Anika Kildegaard

I am an arts professional working in music. I sing with local choruses, perform art song, and teach students from a wide variety of backgrounds. I’ve been living in the cities for two years, and graduated from the University of Minnesota-Morris in 2013.
<strong>Crystal Kuehn</strong>

Crystal Kuehn

I work as a Global Trainer doing scientific document review and providing international support to my company’s training centers.  In my free time I am training to run my second marathon and also enjoy biking, exploring new restaurants and seeing different bands in the cities.
I am the Marketing Manager at Ordway Center for the Performing Arts and recently became a certified yoga instructor. I studied piano from a young age, took up voice in high school and went on to major in vocal performance at St Olaf College. This is my third year in Theoroi.
I am currently a music teacher at an integration magnet school called Crosswinds Arts and Science School. I play several instruments, including the saxophone, in community jazz groups and quartets around the Twin Cities.
<strong>Stacy Minutolo</strong>

Stacy Minutolo

Originally from Atlanta, I double majored in theatre and English at Kennesaw State University. I worked with several theatre companies before changing careers to become a cardiac sonographer. I moved to Minnesota with my husband and daughter and want to get involved in the arts and find people with similar interests.
<strong>Elizabeth Mishler</strong>

Elizabeth Mishler

I am a dietitian at  Hennepin County Medical Center. I grew up participating in the arts and continue to enjoy broadening my horizons when it comes to the arts.  This is my third year in Theoroi.
<strong>Jennifer Nicklay</strong>

Jennifer Nicklay

I am the Education and Outreach Director at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota. I’ve recently moved back to the Twin Cities, and I remain in awe of the breadth and variety of the arts in Minnesota.
I am currently a healthcare consultant at Optum, and a recent graduate of St. Olaf, where I studied philosophy.  I have always been immersed in arts culture, and grew up performing in orchestras, bands, and choirs.
<strong>Aishwarya Sathyanarayan</strong>

Aishwarya Sathyanarayan

I’m a final year doctoral candidate in the Nutrition program at the University of Minnesota. Originally from India, I came to the U.S. to pursue graduate studies. I am a trained South Indian classical music vocalist and hope to continue singing and promoting the local arts within the Twin Cities.
<strong>Elsa Scheie</strong>

Elsa Scheie

I am a fundraiser at Hamline University. Originally from Minneapolis, I recently moved back after living on the East Coast for nine years. I have run two marathons, enjoy wine and cooking, and like going to pop-up art events and gallery openings.
<strong>Jessica Schmitt</strong>

Jessica Schmitt

I am a recent graduate of Concordia University in St. Paul where I majored in English Literature and Interdisciplinary Studies. I currently work as a nanny and enjoy lakeside walks with my German Shepherd, reading, and seeing just about any type of live music.
<strong>Kylie Schultz</strong>

Kylie Schultz

I am an Event Manager, and in my free time I’m an amateur photographer and freelance writer. I’m a foodie, social media junkie, and I pride myself on my Minneapolis pride. Theoroi has been such an amazing experience and I have loved every part of being a member.
<strong>Alyssa Scott</strong>

Alyssa Scott

I am a development associate at the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys. I am a very passionate and easily inspired person, and two of my favorite hobbies are writing and being musical.
<strong>Quinn Shadko</strong>

Quinn Shadko

I am a singer, actor, and Minneapolis native. I rmoved back to the Twin Cities after receiving my master’s in Musical Theatre from NYU and performing in New York. I am the Marketing Intern at The Schubert club, and I love participating in the arts scene, exploring the Twin Cities, and staying active.
<strong>Rob Shainess</strong>

Rob Shainess

I am an East Coast transplant and attorney in Minneapolis, practicing real estate and construction law. I live in Minnetonka with my wife and three kids, enjoy musical theatre, and frequent The Guthrie, The Dakota, and The Minnesota Orchestra.
<strong>Kaisa Taipale</strong>

Kaisa Taipale

I am a Mathematician at the University of Minnesota who loves art, music, nature, and the patterns that appear in all of them. At work I try to push the boundaries of teaching and technology, and at home I have very low-tech interests such as reading, knitting, cooking, and eating.
I am a curious-minded individual who will try anything once. By day, I am a Solutions Engineer at The Nerdery who crafts digital approaches to solving business and user problems. By night, I spin a wheel of hobbies to see what lies ahead. 
I am a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Previously, I completed my degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry at the University of Florida. My hobbies include all things food and drink, bicycling, and attending performing arts events. This is my second year in Theoroi.