Schubert Club’s Music Listening Circle

Curator: Mark Bilyeu

Schubert Club’s Music Listening Circle offers music lovers a new kind of experience outside the concert hall. Once monthly, members gather to learn about and discuss a specified musical topic, style, form or composer. Equal parts listening, teaching and discussion combine to create a unique event which will deepen members’ musical understanding, broaden their aural horizons and cultivate a unique community of people who love engaging with music.

Venue: Summit Center for the Arts & Innovation 
1524 Summit Ave, Saint Paul, 55105

Register for Spring Semester

Spring Semester 2020 Dates: Jan 13, Feb 10, Mar 9, Apr 13, May 18
Cost: $75 for 5 sessions
Time: 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Refreshments will be provided.

Theme and Variation – Jan 13, 2020
This form, which dates back to the 16th century, has become a tent pole for composers. We’ll discover its origins and see the ways it has evolved into the 21st century.

Composer Spotlight: Teresa Carreño – Feb 10, 2020
Teresa Carreño was a Venezuelan pianist, soprano, composer and conductor. Often referred to as “the Clara Schumann of Venezuela,” we’ll explore the music she wrote, and the music dedicated to her.

Schubert Club Commissions – Mar 9, 2020
Explore the composers and their music which Schubert Club has supported over its 130 years with new and archival recordings!

April 13:  Special Guest presentation by Schubert Club Composer in Residence, deVon Gray

Film Scores – May 18, 2020
John Williams isn’t the only composer who writes music for films! We’ll listen to some of the best – and most surprising – music written for the big screen: before AND after the films themselves had sound.


**Members pay for all sessions at one time. All payments in full with no partial memberships offered. No refunds for a session you cannot attend. You may send a friend in your place if you cannot attend for no additional charge. 

For questions please contact Kate Cooper at Schubert Club, 651.292.3266 or