Mahler 1910 (back)


[postmarked 21 June 1910]

My dear Spiering!

I am sitting here in Munich and am rehearsing to the utmost of my strength on my 8th Symphony. I miss you very much. The concertmaster is fair, but without any deeper understanding and has no influences on the orchestra. I hope that I shall see you here in September.

I have received no news from America. As you know, due to my insisting, a good manager has been engaged, but to my displeasure he has suggested and arranged 65 concerts for the season. He maintains that without this increase in concerts he will not be able to insure a financial success. I asked for a small increase of my salary, on account of the added amount of work. My contract only calls for 45 concerts. My request however, was not granted by the committee, so I shall just have to abide by my contract. I have submitted my decision to the committee, but have heard nothing since then.

I greet you heartily and thank your wife for her dear lines. I hope that I shall meet her this year. My wife also sends hearty greetings.

Gustav Mahler