Liszt 1870 (back)


Dear Friend,

Thank you for the Walkuere notification. Together with [Eduard] Lassen and some other friends, we have decided to attend the performances on the 14th (“Rheingold”) and the 17th July (“Walkuere”). Hopefully, we’ll be able to find each other out there, and go on a pilgrimage to the Oberammergau on the 23rd.

The local Wagner performances have been received favorably, and magnificently. Our [Hans Feodor von] Milde, Lassen, and the orchestra are extraordinary. The choir also – now a little stronger – is satisfactory in comparison.

Sunday, July the 3rd, my Missa Choralis is performed in Leipzig. After that, I will remain in Liebenstein for a few days, and will telegraph to you before my arrival in Munich.

Yours always,
Cordially and thankful,
and truly,
F. Liszt

June 24th, [18]70
Greetings to [Peter] Cornelius.