Elgar 1933 (back)


Dec. 28, 1933 – (dictated – in response to letter from TE Shaw; stationery is for Marl Bank, Worcester – with MB crossed out and “Nursing Home” written)

My dear T.E. Shaw,

First, I must apologise for any error in the way I have addressed you.
Thank you for your good wishes. I am still in the nursing home.

Your letter has cheered me very much and your description of Clouds Hill makes me long to share your cottage even though you appear to sleep outside.

I am glad to hear that the 2nd symphony wears so well with you and your friends, but mark you, the 3rd, if ever I am well enough to finish it will make it look small. (perhaps so, and perhaps not).

Last year I recorded the little serenade for Strings, written nearly fifty years ago, which I love very much – it is as simple and pellucid as spring water. I should like you to have that but it is not yet issued. This might keep the “pelicans” you speak of quiet until the appearance of the larger work they ask for.

Again thanks and with very kind regards,
I am,

Yours sincerely,

(signed) Edward Elgar