Brahms 1879


Dear Friend,

I would have an urgent request, so urgent, it’s not even enough to do it immediately – you must have already done it!
In the following you will read: That I most definitely will need for some time (14 days):

Violin sonatas by Beethoven, 2 in G-major, the one in C-minor, and the Kretzer sonata. Then the b-minor rondo for violin and orchestra by Schubert, and, lastly, very much the F-minor sonata, also by Schumann. The latter maybe later on, or not at all, if you don’t find it.

In case you cannot access these things in the archive, it would also be alright, if you would buy the Peters issue, and if the sonatas in there are not available immediately, all the sonatas from Beethoven for violin and orchestra, same with Schubert!

But those things should already be in the mail right now!!!!

Maybe you have heard from Faber that I am about to make a name for myself, and for the 1st of October I would like to be home with that very one. Everyday I can expect Joachim to take me to Siebenbürgen, … for that however I need the above Holy Scriptures, to preach to the heathens.

But now in the third issue you write: “And so the prince embraces his bandmaster and gave him a big medal, but the princess embraced the biographer and gave him a nice peck, and then the whole party, just like 100 years later, went to Igel.”

Yours always cordially and respectfully,