Mister Nolte
15 Rue d’Agesseau
(with a music notebook)

I thank you, sir, for your promptness in undertaking the translation of my work; I hope that that you will be pleased with yourself in spite of the thanklessness and difficulty of such work. We will come to an agreement on the rest without trouble. I have the honor of sending you the second volume of the song score. I will need it again in a fortnight for my third concert and I will send to retrieve the whole then, but for two or three days only.

I am relying on your having finished by the end of this month, as you had led me to hope. Without it I will miss my trip to Russia, which obliges me to leave at the beginning of February.

I have the honor to be,
Your devoted servant

Hector Berlioz

Sunday, 3rd February, 1847