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Adventure to New Classical with J.D. Steele, composer and vocals

Thursday, January 26, 7:30PM

Minnesota Opera Luminary Arts Center

A member of the musical Steeles family, J.D. Steele is a composer, singer, arranger, producer, voice teacher, choir director, and filmmaker. Since bursting onto the Minnesota music scene in the mid 1980’s, J.D. Steele and his dynamic vocal siblings, “The Steeles,” have garnered every major musical award and accolade the state has to offer. For this performance at the new Luminary Arts Center, J.D. has written all new music and is joined by an extraordinary group of Minnesota music friends including keyboardist Tommy Barbella.


Tommy Barbarella, transcriber/keyboard
Daryl Boudreaux, percussion
Kip Jones, violin
Chris Smith, upright bass
Jaqueline Ultan, cello