Courtroom Concert Program Details

April 20, 2017, Noon
Courtroom 317, Landmark Center

Music of Schubert Club Composer Mentorship Students
performed by Lux String Quartet

Seamus Hubbard Flynn
on reaching and collapsing
   iii. half-broken bells
   iv. bright lights incessant
   v. sails and kites

Beatrice Peters
   I. Vitality
   II. Life
   III. Spirit

Nicholas Christenson
A Solitary Man on a Bucket, Fishing through Eighteen Inches of Ice on a Lake that’s Constantly Turning over its Water atop an Arcadian Mountain in America

Nadine Manske
String Quartet No. 3
   I. •  II. • III.

Lux String Quartet, a Twin Cities-based ensemble of savvy artists established in 2013, strives to communicate their passion for performance as well as for educational and community outreach. While playing for events, they also prepare classical standards and champion new music in concert. They desire to explore the boundaries of possibility for the string quartet form.

Freshly adult-ed at age 18, Seamus Hubbard Flynn is a lifelong resident of St. Paul. This is his second year in the Schubert Club Mentorship Program. Having been raised around music, he was plunking out miniature “compositions” on the piano from a very early age. He is now a senior in high school at Cyber Village Academy, but takes most of his classes through post-secondary enrollment at the University of Minnesota and Concordia University St. Paul. He has studied composition with Abbie Betinis at Concordia since 2015, and is also in his second year in NextNotes Lab, a high school student-run composer ensemble affiliated with the American Composers Forum. When he isn’t composing or playing the piano, Seamus enjoys riding his bicycle and looking at atlases (usually not at the same time).

Beatrice Peters
is currently a junior attending Woodbury High School. She plays cello, violin and piano and has played cello in the Minnesota Youth Symphony Orchestra for two years. For the second year in a row, Bee has composed a piece for the Composer Mentorship Program. The beauty and creativity that can be found in music is the main source of enjoyment she gets from composing. Beatrice believes that the harmonious interaction of tones that can evoke emotion is one of the most moving ways to express an idea. When writing, she strives to create something that leaves others moved in a way that is thought provoking and thoroughly enjoyable.

Nicholas Christenson, 17, is a senior at South High School in Minneapolis and will likely be attending Lawrence University in the fall. He first began interacting personally with music in kindergarten when he began taking piano lessons to follow in his older brother’s footsteps, and has been making experimental music since 2013 and began writing classical music in 2015. He currently studies composition with Troy Strand at the MacPhail Center for Music. In addition to composing, Nicholas plays jazz bass and has performed and recorded with bands around the twin cities and recorded some as a singer-songwriter. He collects video and audio cassettes and loves John Coltrane, Alice Munro, and the TV show Friends.

Nadine Manske
is 17 years old and is currently a junior at the St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists, where she studies instrumental music. She plays violin and is a part of Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies and Artaria Chamber Music School. Her compositions have mainly been focused in the realm of string chamber music, and in the past she studied with Terry Burk for composition. She currently studies violin privately with Aaron Janse. Primary musical inspirations come from many Russian composers such as Tchaikovsky, Arensky, and Shostakovich. She also enjoys listening to works by Barber and John Adams. This string quartet is her third piece she has written for string quartet, one of the most extensive works she has written to date


Concert Info

October through April
Thursdays from 12pm – 1pm
Courtroom 317, Landmark Center


Hosted by Schubert Club
Composer-in-Residence, Abbie Betinis.

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Seating is limited and first come first served. Doors open at 11:30. Please call if you are attending as a group of 10 or more (651.292.3267).

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