Due to an injury sustained by violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja at the end of last year, when the quartet planned to prepare its concert program, quartet-lab has had to cancel its upcoming April tour.  Though we are disappointed about the cancellation, we are delighted to have engaged in their place the remarkable Chiara String Quartet, whose highly successful family and chamber music performances in 2009 were a hit with our audiences!

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Date & Venue

Sunday, April 17, 2016 at 4pm
Saint Anthony Park United Church of Christ

Join us at 3pm in the church for a pre-concert talk with the artists.

Concert length is estimated to be 2 hours with one intermission.


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To be announced.

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These are all seasoned innovators...Their combined virtuosity took the breath away.

The Independent

That was the biggest achievement of the whole concert: that in a single evening, quartet-lab created a framework within which anything was possible, permissible, and comprehensible: a “framework” without any of the ossified frames of classical-concert convention…… It had me on the edge of my seat, bewildered, baffled, but uplifted – a real quartet-lab alchemy of emotions, in other words.

The Guardian

quartet-lab’s most jaw-dropping gift was the unanimity of ensemble and attack. Through hairpin dynamics, lurching accents, or phrasings sweet as apple cider, the four played as one, sometimes conjuring colours that I’d never heard from a quartet line-up before. At the same time, nothing was over-manicured. These are players skilled in improvisation, folk music, jazz, and they brought joy and fresh air to everything they touched...With quartet-lab, clearly, you must always expect the unexpected.

The Times