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Wurlitzer Electronic Piano model 145B

Made by: Wurlitzer

20th Century

North America


First developed in the 1950s, the Wurlitzer Electronic Piano’s unique tone is generated by striking an amplified metal reed with a piano hammer.  Once launched, the model 145B Wurlitzer had perfected the action of their electromechanical instrument.   In 1968, the iconic model 200 was introduced and quickly became a hit with popular musicians – enduring through timeless albums from Cannonball Adderly, Marvin Gaye, and Steely Dan, to Beck.

Donated by Scott LeGere, 2020

Tan body (wood and metal), detachable lid and fall board with 4 tapered legs and a cable; Missing music rack
Legs: wood with brass caps on top and bottom, metal screw 25″ long (.75-1.75″ taper)