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Reproduction: Pianoforte after B. Cristofori, 1726- David Sutherland, 1997

Made by: David Sutherland

18th Century

North America

The pianoforte—meaning “soft-loud”—enables the performer to express gradual variations in volume.  Critosfori’s design contained all the basic mechanical components of a modern piano action including:

●  Dampers: felt fabric that touches the string, stopping the vibration

●  Back-check: a device that catches the hammer, preventing re-striking

●  Escapement: a mechanism that allows the hammer to “escape” or fall back after a string has been struck, leaving the string free to vibrate

●  una corda:  a device to reduce the number of strings struck

Copy of 1726 Cristofori piano (Leipzig)
4 octaves (C to c3)