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J. B. Streicher Grand Piano

Made by: J.B. Streicher

19th Century



This 1869 piano was built by Johann Baptist Streicher, the third-generation piano builder in the Stein-Streicher family.  The Streicher firm was established by his mother, Nannette Stein Streicher—the daughter of one of Mozart’s favorite keyboard builders, Johann Andreas Stein. 

This piano is in the Viennese style with a wooden frame and minimal iron bracing.  Streicher’s pianos were appreciated by several composers such as Johannes Brahams, for their smooth, clear tone and fast action.   

To his friend Clara Schumann, Brahms wrote, “I have a beautiful grand piano from Streicher.  With it he wants you to demonstrate his latest achievements to me, and I believe that if he made a similar one for you, you would be pleased with it.” – From: Brahms and His World; Revised Edition – Edited by Walter Frisch, Kevin C Karnes

Acquired 1982 

Range: AAA-a4 (85 keys, 7 octaves)
Walnut case
Fallboard: “K.K. Hof & Kammer-Piano Forte Fabrikant J. B. Streicher & Sohn in Wien”
On soundboard “J.B. Streicher & Sohn/ vormals N. Streicher geb Stein und Sohn Wien”