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Fiske Circular String Rotary Valve Cornet

Made by: Isaac Fiske

19th Century

North America

ca. 1865

This ‘Dodworth Cornet’ was designed by Isaac Fiske of Worcester, Massachusetts for Harvey Dodworth in 1852. Fiske was one of the pioneers in American brass instrument development, and Dodworth was a well-known band leader and cornetist in New York.

This is a versatile instrument that could be played in the keys of Ab, Bb, C, D and Eb, just by changing the tubing and using different combinations of the the 5 rotary valves on the instrument.  The unusual circular shape of this instrument was very popular in the mid-1800’s.

Circular cornet with 5 string rotary valves
Bag with two additional tuning slides and an extension for lead pipe