April – Not Your Average Month at The Schubert Club

By Barry Kempton


April is always a busy month for The Schubert Club.  I’ve noted this in prior years but in spite of that awareness, this year is no different. During this middle period of April, we have a concert or event practically every day.  For anyone who might wonder all that The Schubert Club does exactly, here’s what has been going on.  It’s a good cross-section of the breadth of our activities.

  • Schubert Club Mix at Bedlam Lowertown – the season finale of this series of next generation concerts in less formal venues featured singer-songwriter Gabriel Kahane and pianist/composer Timo Andres.
  • Live at the Museum – a fascinating exploration of the life and works of Celius Dougherty put together by Mark Bilyeu and friends which included some of the archives of our Museum collection.
  • Music in the Park Series – yesterday’s final chamber music concert of the series in St Anthony Park featured the excellent Chiara String Quartet. While in the Twin Cities, we also presented the quartet in two family concerts on Friday evening, and they make visits to a school and the St Anthony Park Home today.
  • Last week, we had our Advisory Circle spring meeting and were delighted to have one of the Student Scholarship competition winners perform some Schubert songs.

Recitals, chamber music, music education and financial support for young musicians, museum programs and music appreciation: this is what The Schubert Club is all about.  And though programs and focuses have changed with the times, I believe that the founders of The Schubert Club back in 1882 would approve and delight in the fact that their club still thrives and is, I believe, making a difference in this community.  Thank you for your support.