2015 Schubert Club Competition Finals Info & Results

By Schubert Club

About the Competition

The Finals Round of The Schubert Club Bruce P. Carlson Student Scholarship Competition will take place on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at The Landmark Center in St. Paul. We have nearly 100 students participating at this event. Results will be posted on this page when they are available, with final results posted no later than Monday, March 23 at 10am.

Please also follow us on Twitter or Instagram for the most up-to-date results @schubertclub #sccompetition.

Finals Round Winners

Sr High Piano

1st Place: Daniel Eras Saborio, SP01

2nd Place: Zhen Tu, SP04

Honorable Mention: Noah Qiu, SP05

Honorable Mention: Jonathan Mattson, SP06

Graduate Piano

1st Place: Gabriel Quenneville-Belair, GP01

2nd Place: Isabella Jie, GP05

Honorable Mention: Bingjie Liu, GP04

College Piano

1st Place: Cameron Pieper, CP06

2nd Place: Evan Newman, CP07

Honorable Mention: Matthew Harikian, CP03

Jr High Piano

1st Place: Shuen Wu, JP04

2nd Place: Margaret Wang, JP01

Honorable Mention: Stephanie Ye, JP03

Honorable Mention: Austin Cheng, JP05

College/Grad Brass and Woodwinds

1st Place: Joshua Weinberg, CGBW06

2nd Place: Eric Schultz, CGBW09

Honorable Mention: David Franzel, CGBW02

Honorable Mention: Sarah Dipiazza, CGBW11

Senior High Brass and Woodwinds

1st Place: Sarrah Bushara, SBW03

2nd Place: Noah Livingston, SBW07

Honorable Mention: Shruti Gupta, SBW06

Graduate Voice

1st Place: Rachel E. Holmes, GV05

2nd Place: Eric G. Meyer, GV01

Honorable Mention: Ashley Mispagel, GV04

Intermediate Voice

1st Place: Megan Grey, IV02

2nd Place: Grace Lugo, Iv05

Honorable Mention: Sullivan Ojala-Helmbolt, IV01

Honorable Mention: Anna Tescher, IV06

Advanced Voice

1st Place: Jacob Engel, AV06

2nd Place: T. Hastings Reeves, AV07

Honorable Mention: Austin Sanders, AV04

Honorable Mention: Anthony Potts, AV05

Thelma Hunter/Schubert Club Scholarship Winner: Andrew Curtis, AV09

College Strings

1st Place: Sam Viguerie, CS02

2nd Place: Benjamin Osterhouse, CS01

Graduate Strings

1st Place: Emily Saathoff, GS03

Sr High Strings

1st Place: Mark Prihodko,SS03

2nd Place: Mariya Zabara, SS05

Honorable Mention: Magdiell Antequera, SS02

Honorable Mention: Jonathan Wolf, SS04

Jr High Strings

1st Place: Madeline Sheard, JS03

2nd Place: Robert Hwang, JS05


1st Place: Nathan Cornelius, G02

2nd Place: Cassius Stein, G01

Honorable Mention: Ryan Broll, G06

Honorable Mention: Tyler Tracy, G08