Frequently Asked Questions about Subscriptions

By Schubert Club

We’ll be announcing our 2015-2016 International Artist Series and Music in the Park Series seasons at the end of this month, which also means subscriptions will go on sale at this time. In anticipation, here are the commonly asked questions about subscribing to our series and the move to the new Ordway Concert Hall. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Subscriptions:

Q: When will my tickets be mailed?

Tickets are mailing during the final week of August. If you have not received your tickets at least two weeks prior to a performance, please call our Ticket Office and we will issue replacement tickets.

Q: When I am renewing my subscription, what is the process for requesting a change of seats?

Renewals and seat change preferences are honored in the order received. We try our best to accommodate as many changes as possible, but if you are requesting changes in a highly subscribed area of the hall, we may not be able to fill your request. The more general your request is (move closer to stage in price 2 area) the better the chances that we can accommodate. Being very specific (aisle seats in rows A-K) make it a lot harder for us to accommodate! Final seating will be determined by August each year.

Q: I am purchasing a subscription for the first time. What is the process for assigning seating?
Send in your subscription as soon as possible as subscriptions are processed in the order they are received. Your credit card will be processed immediately; however seating is not assigned until all renewing subscribers’ seating has been determined. Because of this, we are unable to provide real-time seating options. Please note that new subscribers may not be seated in their first choice seats pending availability but have the opportunity to improve their seat location over time. These are very popular concert series, and the best seats are sold to renewing subscribers each year. Seating is general admission for Accordo, Mix and Family Concerts.

Q: Are there any student subscription discounts? 

Student subscriptions to the International Artist Series & Music in the Park Series are $50 (while subscriptions are on sale only). One seat per student I.D., Student must prove enrollment in K-12 or college program with valid student I.D. or tuition statement.


Specific Questions Pertaining to International Artist Series Subscriptions and Renewals in the new Ordway Concert Hall

Q: Why are you changing the format of the International Artist Series and presenting concerts in the Concert Hall?

The Schubert Club has been proud to call the Ordway Center home of the International Artist Series since it first opened in 1985. We are excited about the new Ordway Concert Hall specifically designed for classical music and the opportunities it presents for our International Artist Series. 

  • The addition of the Ordway Concert Hall gives The Schubert Club the opportunity to present recitals in a venue with an acoustic of the highest possible quality, a venue custom-designed for unamplified classical music.
  • It will be an intimate music room – no audience member will be more than 100 feet from the stage.  That means the farthest seat from the stage is as close as the front row of the Music Theater’s first balcony or the 6th row in the mezzanine.
  • Moving some of the recitals to the Concert Hall will mean that we will often present two performances of each artist; so we are going to be able to offer an evening series and a daytime series.  We hear from subscribers every year who feel it necessary to give up their subscriptions because they prefer not to drive at night.  We hope that by offering a daytime option we will be able to welcome many of these subscribers back.
  • Two of the five International Artist Series recitals will continue to be presented in the Ordway’s Music Theater.  Three of the five will be presented in the Concert Hall. Further details about the 2015-16 season, the artists and venues will be announced in late February 2015.

Q: I’ve had my subscription seat for 25 years, and I don’t want to lose it. How will you determine seating in the new venue & will I keep my seat location for concerts in the Music Theater?

Subscribers will be able to keep their subscription seat location in the Music Theater, and a new seat location in the Concert Hall will be assigned in the fairest way possible. There are fewer seats in the Concert Hall and a different seat configuration, so we will have to do some rearranging, but we will try to accommodate requests as best we are able. We do encourage you to renew your 15-16 subscription as early as possible as we will take into account the renewal date when prioritizing requests. We will also consider where your current seat in the Music Theater is located, and work on finding a comparable seat. We will also factor in how long you have been subscribing to the International Artist Series and if you have been making contributions.

Q: It took me 5 years of requesting it to finally be moved to an aisle. Will I be able to keep my aisle seat in the Concert Hall?

Because there are fewer seats overall, there are also fewer aisle seats available. We will do our best to accommodate as many requests as possible using these factors: accessibility needs, renewal date, current seat location, years as subscriber & years as donor.

Q: Who will be on the season?

We will be announcing the 15-16 lineup on February 22, 2015. Watch your email or our website.

Q: What will the daytime and evening options be?

We will present two of the five concerts in the Music Theater. These two concerts will only take place only once and will be a part of every subscribers’ package. The other three concerts will take place in the Concert Hall and will occur twice: one performance during the daytime and one performance during the evening (on different days.) Subscribers will be asked to choose between the daytime option and the evening option, and can exchange tickets on an as-needed basis.

Q: Can I put in my seat request now to get to the front of the line? 

We won’t start taking renewals or seating requests until February 23. Please watch your mail for your renewal form or call our box office after this date to renew and submit your seating request. Full payment is required to renew your season for 15-16.

Q: When will I know my Concert Hall seat location?

We will be collecting renewals and seating requests through the beginning of June. After the June 5 renewal deadline has passed we will start the process of assigning new seats. With so many subscribers, this process takes us several weeks. All subscribers’ seating location will be determined by August 2015. We will be in touch via phone or email to confirm your new seat location.

Q: Will I get a chance to sample the new hall?

We will be presenting two concerts during March of 2015. Two of these concerts are on sale now, and we encourage you to attend these to get a feel for the new hall. This will be a good chance to determine your preferred seating locations.

Additionally there are two free opportunities to check out the new hall: