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Master Class with Dark Horse Consort

By Schubert Club

The ensemble ​Dark Horse Consort is dedicated to uncovering and performing the rich repertoire of music for renaissance and baroque brass instruments. In this master class, audience members will have an opportunity to observe members of the Consort guide an ensemble of two vocalists (Heather Cogswell, soprano; Roy Heilman, tenor) and two brass players (Andrew Nelson, tenor sackbut; Garret Lahr, bass sackbut) through the intricacies of performing this repertoire, with attention to genre, phrasing, stylistics, and historical context. The brass players of Dark Horse Consort will also join with the ensemble in the performance of an 8-part work.

The master class, which is free and open to the public, will be of particular interest to those who wish to learn more about renaissance and baroque brass instruments and repertoire, as well as period and ensemble performance.

Master Class with Dark Horse Concert
Free and open to the public
Wednesday, February 25, 2015, 12pm
Courtroom 317, Landmark Center

Co-presented by The Rose Ensemble and The Schubert Club

More information is available at or by phoning 651.225.4340.