Welcome to The Schubert Club Insider – a blog by Barry Kempton

By Barry Kempton

Welcome to my first blog post, and thank you for taking the time to read it.  We’re at the beginning of a new season, The Schubert Club’s 131st season.  We had a fine celebration of our 130th anniversary season last year.  This year we have the opportunity to mark the 35th anniversary of Music in the Park Series, a chamber music series in the St Anthony Park neighborhood*.  The series was started by pianist Julie Himmelstrup and though the series now lives happily under the umbrella of The Schubert Club, Julie remains Artistic Director of the series still, and we have a lot of fun working on future plans together.

What will I write about?  Certainly The Schubert Club and our plans.  Though well-loved here in the Twin Cities, I am regularly reminded that there are many aspects of the organization which are less well-known.  I’ll address issues we face as an organization and as a music industry.  And when I experience or read about interesting developments in our field, I’ll be sure to share them.  Just occasionally my extra-curricular interests might get a brief mention but this is definitely not a football (soccer) blog.

Look for a new entry about once a week.  And please do let me know what interests you (and what doesn’t!)

* By the way, some of you will know that I’m British and lived the first 30+ years of my life there.  But as they say, when in Rome do as the Romans do.  So I shall spell as the Americans do – it will annoy spellcheck less.  I will however never be able to bring myself to change my way of saying “tomato.”