2021 Rules & Video Submission Guidelines

Updated January 4, 2021

Video Submission Forms

Please review the rules and video submission guidelines before submitting your videos. 

If you have any questions or issues with the forms, contact Jessica Hastreiter at jhastreiter@schubert.org or 651-789-4412

  • Brass & Woodwinds

  • Guitar

  • Piano

  • Strings

  • Voice

2021 Competition Dates

Application Deadline: Friday, January 22, 2021

Video Submission Deadline: Friday, February 12, 2021

Video Corrections/Resubmissions Due: Friday, February 19, 2021

Video Deadline for those waitlisted: Friday, February 19, 2021

Winners Announced: Week of April 1, 2021

Video Criteria & Resources

Youtube Account Support and FAQs

How to set your videos to “Unlisted”

In keeping with our in-person competition procedures and to help eliminate any potential bias, we are doing our best to ensure that all competitors are anonymous to the judges. Thus, when reviewing video submissions, we are checking for: 

  • Lengths: combined total should not exceed 10 minutes and 00 seconds 
  • Titles: should be the same as included in your video submission instructions email
  • Descriptions: Should be the same as in your email following the pattern “Schubert Club Student Scholarship Competition 2021, Division Level #”
  • Youtube Account: should be anonymous (i.e. not identifying the student or teacher in the name or account content) 
    • Account Name/Profile Picture 
    • Public Videos (if existent, these will show up in the suggestions when a judge goes to view the video)  
  • Videos: audio/video works throughout and the following are true
    • Beginning (no titles/names) 
    • Middle (it works and is still framed appropriately) 
    • End (no titles/names, excessive applause/live audience distractions) 

The sooner you submit your videos the more time we have to review them and you have to remedy any issues. Submissions with any un-rectified issues once submitted to the judges will be eligible for comments only. 


Q: My piece is under 2 minutes long. Will it be accepted? 
A: Yes, if a piece in its entirety is shorter than 2 minutes, it is acceptable. 
If you are submitting pieces that are longer than 2 minutes each, please do not submit excerpts that are shorter than 2 minutes. This is to give the judges enough time to adequately critique the contrasting nature of your submissions. 


Q: May I change my repertoire? 
A: We will accept changes to repertoire until Friday, February 12, 2021. After that date, we need to begin prepping competition judging materials, which contain repertoire information. Please send any repertoire change requests to Jessica Hastreiter at jhastreiter@schubert.org


Q: Do I need to submit two separate videos or one longer one? 
A: You are to submit two separate videos – one per piece. The total of both videos combined must be no longer than 10 minutes and 00 seconds. 


Q: Is the 10 minute limit per video or both combined? May I submit full length pieces and just have the judges listen to the 10 minutes that they want to hear? 
A: Both submitted videos combined must be no longer than 10 minutes and 00 seconds. It is the responsibility of the applicant to trim the videos appropriately. Competitors do not need to start at the beginning of a piece, but excerpts should be a continuous section.
Multiple, non-consecutive movements of a sectional, multi-movement work (e.g. suites, sonatas, concerti, etc.) may be submitted in the virtual competition. Performing disjunct sections from within a movement (e.g. m.30-60 & 70-85) is not allowed EXCEPT in the case of orchestral tutti sections of concerti, which may be shortened or cut. If a multi-movement work is designed to be played attacca or without pause between the movements, submitted movements should be consecutive.


Q: May cuts be made to the orchestral interludes in Concerti?
A: Yes, for concerti, cuts may be made to the orchestral interludes. 


Q: Is Franz Schubert considered Classical/Pre-1827 or 19th Century/Romantic? 
A: For the purposes of this competition, he is considered Romantic. 
For this competition – particularly for composers on the edges of or overlapping eras – repertoire classifications are determined by a combination of composer active dates and genres, piece style/genre, and composition/publication/premiere dates.

2021 Judges 

We are thrilled to announce the judges for the 2021 Student Scholarship Competition. 

Brass & Woodwinds 


Christopher P. Davis William Kanengiser  
Monica Ellis Leighann Narum  




William Eddins David Finckel Lawrence Brownlee
Laura Melton Simin Ganatra Minnita Daniel-Cox
Stephen Prutsman Kathleen Winkler Kathleen Roland-Silverstein
Veda Zuponcic Steve Wyrczynski Frederica von Stade

Piano, Strings, and Voice judges will only be judging 1-2 levels each. All competitors will receive comments from two judges. 

Save the Date: Winners Recital

Join us for two evenings of virtual recitals featuring winners of the Bruce P. Carlson Student Scholarship Competition!

Premieres May 13 & 14, 2021 at 7pm CDT

Hosted by Garrett McQueen