Experience The Schubert Club Museum

Located on the second floor of Saint Paul’s iconic Landmark Center, The Schubert Club Museum offers visitors a reflection on the joys of music-making through the centuries. From a massive “cyclone” sculpture of instruments, through the gallery of of historic keyboards, to the impressive collection of correspondence from famous composers, the Museum opens a window on the inspiring role of music in people’s lives.

Additionally, visitors can step back in time and hear music boxes and phonographs dating back to 1900.  Next they can play and compare the mechanics of several keyboard instruments spanning from four different centuries.  Innovation Station is the last stop where visitors can experiment making music on unique instruments, created from items you’d never expect!

Open Sunday through Friday, Noon to 4 pm.  Always FREE admission. Guests will be introduced to The Schubert Club Museum by an interpretive guide in this orientation space. They will also encounter a massive sculpture of instruments.

Keyboard Evolution

Explore the way in which keyboard instruments changed over time beginning with the Italian Harpsichord and ending with the Streicher Grand Piano.

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Gilman Ordway Manuscript Collection

The Gilman Ordway Manuscript Collection is an impressive collection of over 100 pieces of correspondence by many famous musicians. The manuscripts on display will change on a rotating basis.

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Play, Listen, Learn

“Music in the Home”
The history and context for the creation of music boxes will be explored, including Edison’s revolutionizing invention of the phonograph as a result of his quest to improve the telegraph and the telephone. An important connection can be drawn from music boxes, to phonographs, all the way to record players, CD players, and MP3 players.

Gamelan Music
Gamelan music is one of the great musical traditions of the world, beginning nearly 1,000 years ago. Learn about this unique and interesting musical culture and try the instruments yourself.

Schubert and the Recital Tradition
Step back in time and explore the history of recital music and learn about our namesake. Play and compare the mechanics of several keyboard instruments spanning from four different centuries.

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Second Floor of Landmark Center
75 W 5th Street
Saint Paul, MN 55102 directions


No admission charge


Sunday through Friday, 12pm – 4pm

The Museum will be closed the following days:


March 29
April 5
May 24, 25
July 3 and 5
Sept. 6 and 7


Listen to our letters and compare your handwriting to famous composers’!

Now in addition to viewing several of our extraordinary composer letters from the Gilman Ordway Manuscript Collection, you can enjoy hearing letters from Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Mozart read in German, French and English translations. You can also delve into the work of a graphologist who analyzed the handwriting of these composers and compare your own handwriting and personality traits to the composers.

Take a ride on the stringsercycle, pipesercycle and xylocycle

New in the Music Experimentation Room, experiment with three new percussion instruments created by Mary Ellen Childs. Take a ride on the stringsercycle, the pipesercycle and the xylocycle and discover the many ways you can make music on these unique instruments. Hear a performance with these instruments on November 18 by CRASH ensemble as part of our Live at the Museum series of events.


An interpretive guide is on staff to provide tours. Groups of 5 or more are encouraged to call ahead. After-hours tours may be possible by special arrangement. Please call Kate Cooper at 651.292.3266 or email kcooper@schubert.org.

Keyboard Studio

Come experience “The Living Collection” of The Schubert Club, a studio of playable copies of historic harpsichords and fortepianos.   This is an excellent opportunity for instructors, students and artists to experience early periods of music on these instruments modeled after the original keyboards of the 17th and 18th centuries.  Advanced booking is required by contacting Kate Cooper at 651-292-3266 or kcooper@schubert.org

The Schubert Club Room

A beautifully decorated music parlour which serves as a space for performances and social gatherings.